April 18, 2012

Pretty Sugar Bowls

This week is shaping up to be busier than normal and I feel bad about neglecting my blog so I have a quick post to show off a few new items I've recently picked up.
You all now my infatuation with anything white . . .many of you have a similar condition I'm sure. . so when I spotted two pretty sugar bowls I snapped with up quick.

The first on reminds me more of an urn than a sugar bowl,

I love it's fluted sides and pretty handles.

The second is also very pretty but seems more fragile and delicate.  It's covered in tiny cracks which doesn't show up in my photo so much but gets my heart pumping.

How your all have a more relaxing week than I am, talk to you soon,


  1. They are very pretty. You can also use them with flowers. Beautiful.


  2. Robin,
    Great white pieces for your collection.Yes I do have a love for white dishes or dinnerware.

  3. What beautiful finds! I particularly love the second bowl. I too find myself gravitating towards anything white. :-)

  4. Oh Robin, these bowls are so gorgeous! I have just had the children home during the school holidays and found myself caught up with activities and it has been hard to fit in blogging! I feel like I am back on track now that we are back at school though, funny how sometimes when I am busier I am more organized! Happy week! X

  5. Hi Robin,
    Yes, I do share this condition with you, as do many others I know. Your little sugar bowls are perfectly delightful! I love them both!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Hope your weekend is less hectic! :) (I'm hoping mine is too for that matter...) Love your finds--I can totally see why your heart went pitter patter!

  7. I also share the same condition...if it's white, I must have it! Of course, I love your sugar bowls!! Hope your week gets better so that you can return to blogging soon!

  8. These are so pretty, Robin! And I love the cutting boards in the last post...makes me want to find some! Thanks for stopping by my Bachman's post!


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