May 29, 2012

Peony Love

**** Sigh ****

Seriously, is there anything more beautiful than a handful of just picked peonies?

I think not!
I've been waiting three years for such a bumper crop.
Last year I was ready to rip them out if they didn't bloom.  A single handful of blooms saved them from my inpatient hands.  This year, they seem to be thriving.

The tiny buds make my heart skip a beat in anticipation . . .

Look at how many there are.  I'm in Peony heaven!

Once the buds open up, it truly takes my breath away.  I find myself rushing out to the garden each morning to check on them.  Silly . . . I know . . . but I just can't help myself.  Besides, someone has to let the dog out right?

The first cuttings of the season are arranged in a small tureen and placed on the kitchen table.

I'm so thankful for our early spring, maybe this year I won't have to take my Peonies camping with me like I had to last year.

I'm hoping in the next two weeks all those beautiful buds will open up.  Then I'll be able to scatter them all over the house to enjoy them.

Until then, I'll enjoy this simple arrangement.

Have a lovely day,



  1. ahhhh gorgeousness! peonies are my fav! what kind are those - so so pretty! I have one that I've been waiting 3 years on & still no buds so I'm gonna probably move it in the fall but a new on I just put in this last fall has two buds - two! so excited. We are pathetic! xo

  2. So pretty! I love the heavenly scent of peonies. I've always wanted to plant some but I'm a hopeless gardener, and our soil is horroble. Thanks for sharing these beauties!

  3. Robin,
    They are gorgeous!Lucky you.


  4. Gorgeous!! Not only are they beautiful, but they also make your home smell absolutely wonderful.

  5. Just glorious Robin! Wow, that is truly a thriving crop. I've got 2 bushes and was excited to count 19 buds this year (more than last). I guess it's a good year for peonies?
    You'll be having lots of peonies for quite a while - can't wait to see them throughout your home. They look gorgeous in that tureen. :)

  6. They are so beautiful! I don't blame you for loving them.

  7. Oh my gosh, aren't you thankful you were patient! I would be checking on those buds like they were baby chicks! :) Absolutely beautiful!

  8. They are soo beautiful!!! I share your love for peonies, I just planted two new plants and am praying they make it. My daughter has peonies so I call her every day asking if they have bloomed yet lol. She brought me over two beautiful bouquets. :)

  9. I have become a bit more patient just from having gardens....we have to be. Your plants are gorgeous and love the arrangement you put together. I'm sure you are thrilled you waited. We only have one large plant that was here when we bought the house, its on the far side of the porch no one really sees so I cut them all and bring them in to enjoy. They smell like old lady perfume don't they? :)

  10. Gorgeous peonies! They make my heart skip a beat or two. I have been cutting and bringing them in like crazy, even bringing some to the neighbors. I will be so sad when they are gone.


  11. Stunning blooms! So so pretty! X

  12. Your Peonies are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love them too, just like you and am anticipating many blooms very soon. I love your Spring hutch from a post earlier, you have a way with arranging vignettes beautifully.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Nothing beats peonies and yours are knock-your-socks off gorgeous, Robin! The peonies were done here by mid-May but I so look forward to seeing them every year.

  14. absolutely gorgeous!! these are my favorite flowers and my daughter (8 yo) is loving them too--they look like giant pom poms! i literally sucked in my breath at the first picture. thanks for sharing. glorious!


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