September 9, 2012

Oh My! Another One!!!

It seems I have a thing for bringing home lost compotes these days.  I swear I wasn't on the lookout for one.  It seems they are on the lookout for me! 

 I spied this glass beauty and had to have it.  I do have to admit to a tiny bit of buyers remose however.  Once I had it home, I didn't have a clue how I'd use it.  Ever have that happen?

After staring at it for a couple of days, giving it the evil eye every time I happened to pass by . . . inspiration struck.  Okay, maybe not inspiration so much as a "this is ridiculous, I've got to do something with it" moment,  I decided to stick a candle in it. 

Encouraged that it fit and looked halfway respectable, off I went to dig around for something to spruce it up with.  I came up with a scrap of leftover drop cloth fabric which I cut to size. . . some white ribbon . . . and a charm from my daughters charm bracelet (shhh, don't tell her she hasn't noticed yet)

I layered the compote on top of a small oval dish.

And placed two keys I picked up at a recent flea market on the dish for added intrest.

I love this key,  I wonder what it opened way back when it as brand new?  I'm thinking maybe a trunk or luggage of some type.

Overall, I think this mini project turn out pretty fabulous considering I couldn't figure out where to start.

Enjoy your day,


  1. Great idea! Very pretty way to dress up your candle.

  2. Looks pretty, I love what you added to the candle. The compote raises it up and the keys add fun interest.


  3. Hi! I have a key that looks exactly like that funky one. I even held it up to the computer screen to compare! It opens my husband's grandfather's old army footlocker :) Thought you'd like to know!

  4. You have used this little compote in a very pretty way. I love the keys, what a great way to display something small. Very nice! Hugs, Cindy


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