October 23, 2012

Autumn In The Kitchen

A few Autumn touches have been added to the kitchen. 
Nothing major, just quick and easy switch-up's.
On the small window counter above the sink I added a distressed wood tray filled with mini pumpkins from the garden and leaves from the tree in the front yard.

Of course I added a lantern. This one is from Ikea which I think they still sell.
 I love to light it at dusk and watch how it instantly makes the kitchen so cozy.  Almost every night after I'm done cleaning up dinner remains I'll light the candle, turn off the lights and enjoy the view.

Pumpkins look very pretty by candlelight!

On the other side of the kitchen, I've added a few touches of Autumn to the small shelf I have hanging over "my office".

A collection of white pitchers and pumpkins seem like a perfect mix don't you think?
Above the shelf, I've added a few of my favorite photos of the girls from past Halloweens to the chicken wire frame.  I simply printed them in black and white unto white cardstock, cut them out and tucked them into the chicken wire. 
 I have to say I love this display. It brings back so many good memories and reminds me to take more photos this Halloween.
Enjoy your day,


  1. Hi Robin, I love your decorations-it looks like you've got some red leaves from a burning bush as well; I tried that but they kept falling off the branch. Love the pumpkins with your white pitchers too-I may just have to copy that.
    Thanks for sharing; have a great afternoon.

  2. It looks beautiful. Love the pumpkins, pitchers, and pictures!! :)

  3. Such happy little pumpkins! Your girls will love looking at the old photo's. I spread a bunch of print outs of old holiday photos over our Christmas breakfast table last year - everyone had fun looking at them all. Your kitchen and house look really nice. All ready for Fall!

  4. Robin you home looks beautiful! LOVE all of your vignettes! Beautiful Halloween memories captured on photos and displayed perfectly too!

  5. Love your gourd centerpiece and the Halloween photos! Great idea to bring those out and enjoy them. Pinned your centerpiece!

  6. So pretty and fallish. Love little candles. They make everything so cozy. Mimi

  7. Your little pumpkins are adorable in the sweet wooden tray and I love the lantern. Our IKEA in Winnipeg is due to open in one month! I can't wait. I may have to get that lantern, it's lovely.
    Your shelf with the white pitchers and the pumpkins looks wonderful, I love it all.
    Hugs, Cindy


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