October 25, 2012

A Hankering For: Farm Animals

My obsession with Pinterest is getting out of control.  I have so many projects and idea's swimming around in my head with no real outlet for them.  To help myself out, I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of my favorite things found on Pinterest with a series of posts here at Happy at Home.  Each week I will share favorite photos/ideas found on Pinterest pertaining to a certain topic I'm currently obsessing over.  Sounds fun right?  Let's get started.
Introducing . . . .
A Hankering For . . .  Farm Animals!
What is more adorable than farm animals.  I have so many favorites. 
On my dream farm I would have a whole bunch of these adorable fellows. . . .
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I'm sure I'd have a garden and how lovely to have a group of feathered friends to follow me around as I play in the dirt.
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If you've been around my blog much the past year you know how much I like cows.  Of course my farm would have a herd of these cuties!
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I've always thought these fluffy beauties would be fun to have around too.
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If I'm going to have sheep, why not a few adorable goats too!
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With all these animals running around the farm, we're sure to have quite a few buildings to maintain.
Which makes me think a dozen or so of these furry helper are a must.
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And finally, with all the work needed to keep my animals well tended to I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a faithful side-kick to help me out!
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I know my dream farm is years away, but I can hope right.  In the meantime I'm playing with the idea of creating a gallery wall in my family room.  I'd call it the "dream wall", where I'd highlight adorable, artful photography of farm animals.  What do you think?  I leaning more and more towards YES!
Hope you've enjoyed today's post.  Would love to here what you think about the post it's self and about the series idea.
Talk to you soon,


  1. We share a dream. I grew up on a small hobby farm with just a small collection of farm animals. I'd love to give my kids that same experience too. Chickens and goats would be my first choices, followed closely by and alpaca. Still can't convince hubby though....

  2. Your post made me smile. Beautiful animals. Especially like the one with the feathered friends. I dream of a farm as well. Last weekend we took our son to a farm with fall harvest activities and we all enjoyed seeing the animals. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to have you as a follower. ~Jen


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