October 10, 2012

Easy Autumn Photo Frame

I can finally say that I've begun to decorate my house for Autumn.  It seems like everyone on my street has done something and every blog I visit has been showing off adorable autumn creations.  I was beginning to panic . . . just a little . . . that I was never going to find the time to get it done around here.
Now I can't say it's all finished but I can show you a quick and easy project I finished this morning that has me feeling that the end is near and that soon I'll be able to show off the rest of my autumn decor.
I used a chunky, distressed frame and a piece of thin cardboard (thanks kids for finishing off the last of the cereal this morning, LOL) which I covered with burlap.

After the glue gun warmed up, I simply glued a silk leaf onto the burlap and put the whole thing in the frame.

Good Grief, this was easy.  Can't complain about the result either.  I love it.

So where do you stand on the whole decorating for Autumn issue?  Are you like me and just getting started, or are you a rock star and have been done for weeks?


  1. Robin what a beautiful work of art!

  2. I saw people talking about Fall projects and decor as early as the beginning of August! I still have some stuff sitting here that I need to find room for, I might just box it back up and take it to the basement. Love your leaf project. Very cute!

  3. What a cute project and so simple too! I'm not big into decorating for fall, so I guess I can pretty much say I'm done.

  4. Simply lovely! Rustic and full of charm.


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