October 15, 2012

The Autumn Dinning Room

Good Morning!
Hope you had a great weekend!  I was able to finish up my autumn decorating inside the house which I'm excited to show off.
The past couple of years I've tried to be "spooky" but I was never very happy with the results.  This year I tried a different approach.  The focus was more on natural elements like pumpkins, leaves, grapevine  . . . texture . . . and a personal favorite silver.  The results seem more "me" than trying to force myself to be "spooky" plus I think it will work well far into November for Thanksgiving.
The Dinning Room is the first room I tackled.  A few simple changes and it was done.

I kept the centerpiece platform from my summer decorating since I'm still loving how it looks plus it makes it very easy to quickly move out of the way for homework or projects.

I added a silver candelabra to the middle, (I love candlelight this time of year) . . . 

Then surrounded it with small pumpkins.  A few silk leaves tucked in here and there finished off the arrangement.

I'm really enjoying the simplicity and beauty of it. 
Even the kids remarked that it looks good - - must mean it's a keeper!

The desk to the side of the dinning table also received a quick makeover.

  I switched out the runner with a red striped dish towel to add a touch color. . .  

I replaced the greenery of summer with leaf branches. 
There is simply nothing more easy to do then plopping a bunch of branches into an urn.  A simple fluffing is all they need to make them look amazing.

The vintage box still holds white ironstone from this summer but I added some tall candles from the dollar store.  Now at night my ironstone glows and looks so pretty.
All the quick changes finally forced my mind to accept that Autumn has truly arrived where as before I was still hanging on to summer.
Talk to you soon,

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  1. Your dining room looks gorgeous!! That new platform of you really does come in handy for a quick, pretty tablescape. I might have to put that on my to do list. :) I love the way your desk looks too!

  2. Everything is beautiful--as usual. It's the little touches like the autumn leaves, the silver candleabra, and the clever platform that make things special.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. this is so cute! I need to start getting out all our fall decorations, usually I have them out the first day of fall but working full time, going to school and planning a wedding must be catching up with me!!

  4. I love your fall decorating. This looks super!



  5. Your dining room looks beautiful and I love the natural touches. The urns filled with the branches are just gorgeous. The leaves really started turning this weekend and I'm yearning to get out and collect some!

  6. I think you hit a home run. I'm liking the non-spooky look this Fall.

  7. Simple is always better in my book, Robin! I love the sweet, fresh, natural simplicity of your autumn decor! Beautifully done! :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. Robin I love all your touches. Your wooden stand is very versatile and I adore your cow sign! Thanx for joining THT!

  9. Love your fall changes. Simple and classy. I pinned your wood table riser - love that and I'm thinking that may be hubby's next project. Clicked over to your Pinterest boards and am following many of your boards. :)


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