October 16, 2012

The Autumn Living Room

Maybe I've said this too much, but I absolutely love the wall color in my Living Room.  Since changing my decor for Autumn it's reinforced my love for bright neutral spaces.  I adore how colors just pop out at you.  It makes me feel very happy.
I wanted to make the room seem cozy, yet bright and cheerful.

In keeping with this years theme, I kept things simple and "natural".  Reds, orange, and touches of brown against the white walls warmed the space up but still gave me the bright open feeling which I love.

The white slip covered side chairs were giving a quick update with a plaid throw blanket, folded and place on the chair.

Texture was added with grapevine wreaths and leaf branches.

With my bumper crop of mini pumpkins from the garden I've added bowl of them all over the house.

Lanterns are a must for me almost every season, but much more come the cooler months.  A drop cloth runner and a few pumpkins is all I added to the coffee table.

The photo ledge was given a makeover  by adding as much silver from my collection as I thought it needed - - which is alot it looks like!  LOL!

Pumpkins and grapevine wreaths are just made to go with silver if you ask me.  I think it is an amazing combo.

Oh Look, another lantern!  Can you see how crazy I am about them?

The small autumn painting I picked up a couple years ago and sad to say have never used it until now.  I love how it looks alongside the pumpkin filled silver pedestal.

The bottom picture ledge is filled mostly with my favorite silver pieces.  A silver water pitcher, two silver trays and various small silver pieces.  Most are filled with berry branches, pumpkins or flowers to add pops of color.

I just love how the bright colors pop against the silver and the white walls.

Okay . . . yep . . . It's official.  I'm loving the look.

How about you?


  1. Robin, this is SO beautiful! I love the silver against the white walls and the pops of color. Even adding the plaid blankets on the chairs is such a pretty, warm touch. It looks stunning!

  2. Robin your room looks beautiful! I agree using a neutral color as a background really makes all of your decor pop! LOVE for fall vignettes!

  3. I love it too, Robin. It all looks great especially with all of your pretty silver items!

  4. Your living room decor is really pretty! You do a great job, it's simple but not too simple, but over done at all. I LOVE it! The bright colours against the silver is gorgeous.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. I love how the cool toned pewter mixes in with the warm autumnal colours. It looks so cozy - ready for a cuppa tea and a good book. I'm thinking neutral walls with my next big change. I love how all of the accessories pop against your light walls.


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