October 16, 2012

Magazine Love: Country Home

Want to know a good way to embarrass your pre-teen?
I have a simple 5 Step System.
Step 1:  Take said pre-teen to Barnes &Noble
Step 2:  Hang out in the magazine section til pre-teen starts to turn into a zombie
Step 3:  Spy a crisp new copy of this magazine . . .
Step 4:  Snatch said magazine off the self with glee and a "OMG" look on your face.
Step 5:  Commence jumping up and down - - squealing - -  until you warrant a "what the heck" look from passing book store patrons.
100% pre-teen embarrassment guaranteed
Give it a try!
Seriously,  I am so excited about this magazine I woke up early this morning to get my work done in hope that I will be able to spend the whole afternoon with just my new Country Home Magazine.  From the few quick glances I've allowed myself it looks amazing!
I wish they would bring this magazine back full time instead of just special issues.  It's always been a favorite of my and lately Country Living just isn't doing it for me.  Too much "filler" for my taste.
Hope you all have a great day,


  1. haha love your steps for embarassing your daughter!!! and I am going to have to get my copy of this today (:

  2. I loved "Country Home"...just last night I was looking through my old copies :)

  3. Oh I used to get this magaines sometimes...loved it! Always browsed through my old copies....but no more, it is NOT for sale here unfortunately :( Enjoy your copy...

  4. Ooooh, I wish they would bring it back too, I recently bought a subscription to Country Living, it's the next best thing that I could find to Country Home. I have the Spring issue and it's stuffed with wonderful eye candy.
    Your story is very cute, poor teen daughter! :)
    Have a wonderful day, Cindy

  5. I was so excited to find it too! It is filled with prettiness! It is pretty easy to embarress pre-teens/teens. :) We were at a restaurant last night and my 13yr old ordered water, when the waitress walked away he said he wished he had ordered soda. So when the waitress came back I simply asked her to bring him a soda and he about died. ????? I don't get it?

  6. Whattttttt! Oh, I've got to have this NOW! Just yesterday I was pulling out my old issues of the beloved Country Home magazine and wishing it would come back again. So this is a special issue, but I guess that's good enough to give me my Country Home fix.

    I seem to embarrass my children every day. You would think they would be used to it by now.

  7. Bwahaha!! Job well done! :) Saw this issue at Walmart the other day and was soooo tempted to buy it. I might have to go back. :)


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