November 12, 2012

Tween Room Makeover

Over the past month my eldest daughter and I have slowly been working on transforming her room into a space that she would like to hang out in.  I can't tell you how much fun this project has been for me.  Finally at the age of twelve she is starting to show interest in decorating which makes me one proud momma. 
She picked out the color scheme of black and hot pink.  Then together we worked on transforming her room on a very small budget.  The result is a room that she adores and has even kept clean for a week straight!!!!  Wonders never cease,  LOL!

The walls were painted a crisp bright white which she picked out.

The bedding was picked out at Target on clearance.  I just love the ruffles on the bedspread and the pillow shams.  The zebra print accent pillow were a must have to her.

I sewed a simple valance from black broadcloth and added the graphic ribbon to the bottom edge to add a pop of her accent color.

We painted the base of her dresser white and she pick a hot pink for the drawers.

To the side of her dresser we hung an oval mirror so she can easily apply her makeup and do her hair.  Above the dresser a simple Ikea ledge shelf was hung to hold all her girly essentials.  We plan to make the shelf multi-functioning by attaching cup hooks to the bottom of the shelf to hold all of her necklaces which she is currently hanging off the side of her jewelry box.

On one side of the window a grouping of "J's" painted in hot pink jazz up her initials.  The side table was brought into the room for the first time and the two drawer help keep her organized plus it is the perfect place for her new hot pink lamp.

On the other side of the window we got a little crafty with a blank canvas.  I painted the canvas in various shades of pink and then cut out the word "Awesome" from zebra striped scrapbook paper which I then glued onto the canvas.  She thought that was really cool.

On the wall at the end of her bed is her homework station and bookshelves.  Her desk was painted to match her dresser. 

Above the desk, three simple shelves are hung with metal brackets to add storage space for all her books, collections and Lego's.  A simple pin board was attached to the wall between the two.  It always amazes me how much kids love pin boards.  She thought it was so cool to have it over the desk and she is constantly moving items around on it and adding new stuff.

Next to the desk area we hung a simple desk calendar from a binder clip so she could easily remove it from the wall and update her calendar.  She says she really likes having it up off the desk and out of the way but still accessible.

On the long wall along her bed we hung a gallery like collection of frames to highlight some of her favorite drawings which can grow as she wants it to. This is my favorite part of the whole room.  Her ability to draw amazes me and I love seeing some of her favorites framed and on display.  She is really liking it too.  Every few days one or more of the frames will have a new drawing.  Or in this case  a new moustache.  LOL!! I love it.

To add something fun to her room we painted her closet door with chalk paint which all her friends think is so cool.

Many drawing and saying have been wrote here since finishing this project but this one has stayed up the longest.  It's her current favorite phrase and so very "her".
Hope you've enjoy this mini tour of our newly decorated room.
Talk to you soon,
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  1. Beautiful room! Love the ruffly bedding and the black board closet doors are brilliant!

  2. I love it. That ruffled bedspread is gorgeous. Very fun room for a kid her age.


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