December 10, 2012

A Hutch Filled With Glitter Houses

Good Morning!

I have a question.
Do you recycle holiday displays from year to year?

I have to admit I do.

When I find I'm looking forward to recreating a look I know it's the right thing to do.

Besides, it take a little of the holiday stress off my back.


Such is the case with my collection of glitter houses.

There is never any doubt in my mind that they are going in the hutch.

It's never a complete replica - - but it close and it makes me smile.

Of course I try to add a little something new to the mix each year.

And I find just a small change is all that needs to be done to make it feel fresh again.

Sooooo . . .  am I the only "Christmas Cheater" or do I have a little company?



  1. Love your pictures! Love Glitter houses!
    Thanks for bringing us a smile.

  2. Oh, that is how traditions are made! Love your display, very "Matthew Mead" so crisp with the red and white! I simply adore that glittered truck, too!

  3. I love all your houses. Your post about Putz houses is the third in a row. Love them. Like your glitter truck as well.

  4. OH...I love EVERYTHING about this, Robin! Just beautiful! It was so wonderful meeting you and your sweet daughter!

  5. I meant to tell you, too...your header is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. I love the glitter houses, I remember when you made some of those; they are so pretty! After you did yours, I was on the look for little houses to glitter myself! :)

    I do some of the same decor year after year too, but usually try to mix things up sometimes in other places and add some new things too.

    Take care!

  7. I love your glitter houses, they look beautiful - the red one is my favorite, and the little deer are just precious. I do use the same decor every year because, well, um, because I'm thrifty like that :) Like you, I'll change a little something up to give it an updated look. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous shelf decor. Mary

  8. Oh and I meant to say I absolutely love your blog header!

  9. Robin- It is gorgeous and I do recycle a lot of stuff year after year. EVERYTHING looks wonderful but I have to say my favorite is the little glittered truck. How cute is that?! xo Diana

  10. Robin I used to do that.But I am simplified allot so I no longer do.I am however enjoying looking at your beautiful decorated home! Those sugared homes are so pretty!!!!!!!

  11. That is absolutely beautiful and I would totally be doing that every single year! Why change such a great thing?!! And I love the header on your blog too - such fun Christmasy photos!

  12. Why mess with perfection? It looks so beautiful! I love the glittered truck...not sure if I've seen that before. Very cool!

  13. Your glitter houses always look fabulous and new to me! I don't ever do the same thing two years in a row. I LOVE your glitter houses displayed the way you do.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. They look beautiful... I would put them out every year too! What a great collection.

  15. Robin, you have the best vignettes! I do recycle my vignettes all the time. I like that bowl with ornaments in front of the silver platter, but it is all very cute and very Christmasy!

  16. Gorgeous! Love the hutch and the bowl of ornaments & greenery too. Pinned them!

  17. Umm...yeah. I think I just died and went to mini town heaven! What a brilliant idea! I tried collecting fiber optic village pieces and they kept breaking. Well now I have an advent village just yearning to be glitter dusted. Just so you know, I WILL be trying this one out. You are so clever!

  18. When I was little Mom had a sleigh with white reindeer on the mantle in what we called the cold room. They remind of what you have. I too have been collecting silver pieces. I love the tarnish look. And the detail is amazing. Thanks for sharing your home.

  19. How would you NOT re-create the glitter house hutch? I would look forward to it the rest of the year!


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