December 10, 2012

Christmas Countdown Mittens

I love how filled with tradition the Christmas Season is, don't you?
No matter if it's the food we make or the decorations we use, in each of our minds there is one item, one tradition that brings a smile to our faces, gives our hearts a warm glow and we know - - FINALLY it's Christmas Time!
In our home, the symbol of good things to come is our humble Christmas Countdown Mittens.

Bits of felt and rick-rack hung on a simple jute string.

As soon as they are strung across the kitchen window the merry making can begin.

 The mittens are always the first Christmas item to be set up every year and the last to be taken down.  I made them years ago when my oldest was only two.  This year I decided to dress up the clothes pins they are hung with.  I simply glued some strips of scrapbook paper to the front of each one.

 The kids thought it was a great addition and so do I.

And now that the mittens are hung,
it's officially Christmas Time!
Talk to you soon,


  1. what a great tradition. they are really cute!!

  2. I Love this tradition you have!! Your mittens are so cute.
    Mary Alice

  3. Love your new header! The mittens are so cute! A great festive touch with a wonderful homespun feel to them!

  4. Robin-That is just the cutest idea ever. I love it! Your blog header looks great, too! xo Diana

  5. I love the adorable little mittens, Robin. Your children are blessed with a mom who sees Christmas through the eyes of a child still.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. These are just adorable, Robin! How fun that you've had them since your children were little. I love your idea of attaching the scrapbook paper to the clothespins. So clever!

  7. Robin, these are so cute! They remind me of my grandma. We used to make little felt mittens and then embroider decorations on them. Now it makes me want to make some. :)

  8. Followed you here from the comment you left me! I love your house of white with all the touches of red for Christmas. The advent calendar is wonderful.

    I just recently pinned an image like the music paper wreath you have in your blog header. Do you happen to have a tutorial on here somewhere?


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