December 14, 2012

Little White Deer

I love quick and easy projects don't you?  I have one to share today.
See this adorable sparkling deer?

It used to look like this.  Cute of course, but he had a little chip on his hoof which stood out to me a little too much.

I went back and forth about which color glitter to use.  White or silver, silver or white.

In the end, white won and I couldn't be happier with the results.

This sweet little guy now sits in my dinning room on the desk and adds a little sparkle to the mix.
Another quick project I finished for the Family Room was this framed star.  I simply hot glued the star to some textured scrapbook paper and placed it in the shadow box.

The framed star turned out so well I decided to try my hand at another shadow box.

A placed an illustration from a vintage children's book on a simple white mat.  Then added a scrapbook sticker underneath it. 

I love how it turned out.
Hope you have a wonderful day,


  1. Robin- I love how your little white glittered deer turned out- He is cute and sweet. I also love your framed star and your sweet little book that I see- xo Diana

  2. Well you've outdone yourself in the creativity department, these are all three just adorable. Loving that deer, he is perfect in glittery white! And the two framed pieces are also lovely, the star is an elegant picture, the red (my fave color!) is bright and fun! Great job!

  3. What a great idea, Robin! I've never thought of re-doing an item like it!

  4. Wow, the shadow box art is another great idea of yours. I especially love the Santa!

  5. he's very cute all white and sparkley!!

  6. The shadow boxes are both beautiful ideas and they turned out so well, you're one talented lady! And I LOVE the deer!
    Hugs, Cindy


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