January 7, 2013

A Clean Start

I've been a little slow getting back into blogging after the holiday break.  Not because I haven't missed it.  No, not that!  It's because for some crazy reason January is the time of year I clean the house from top to bottom.

Maybe because January seems like such a natural time to purge and start anew, or perhaps it's because come spring I know all my efforts will be focused on my gardens.

Whatever the reasons,  the past few years January 1st brings a time a deep cleaning in my home.   The kids wander back to school and hubby to work,  and I begin to clean in a somewhat crazed fashion.

With my trusty sidekick watching me from a comfy perch, I first attack our storage area with a vengeance.

Every box is gone through and rearranged with the boxes of Christmas decorations going wayyyyy in the back.  Anything I know hasn't been used in a year is removed and given away.

Once the storage area is dealt with I start in the basement and room by room I organize, vacuum,  scrub and polish until I'm satisfied that it's clean and uncluttered.  The family has learned to stay clear of a work in progress.  But my sidekick keeps ever close, sometimes watching me will full interest.

Sometimes all my going-on's warrants only a one eyed squint.

At other times - - nothing at all.

Whatever the apparent interest level, each new rooms brings another opportunity of a more comfortable spot to keep an eye on things.

After three days of deep cleaning, I fall into bed exhausted with such a feeling of accomplishment and peace of mind.  The little fur ball curled up at my side snuggles closer, rests his head on my arm and lets out a long sighing snarf.  As if to say the past three days have been a chore and he's glad it's over - - -
I have to agree!



  1. Glad to see you have such close and loving supervision for these important projects. Happy New Year!


  2. Owwww what a sweet dog you have.....love from me...xxx...

  3. We usually do the same thing at the beginning of each new year. My husband actually got heavily involved this year and did major cleaning in his study. It was wonderful to see bags and bags of old papers and such leaving our house.

    Your dog sure is a sweetie.

  4. You're a super-cleaner!! I bet you felt as worn out as pooch when you were done. You deserve to take a nap -just like him!

  5. OH my...I am in love, Robin...your dog is a heart stealer! Don't work too hard now lol!

  6. You write very well, and clean well, too, I'm sure. I have been doing some organizing and cleaning too, it feels good doesn't it.
    You have a lovely home and your poor dog, all that he goes through in order for it to be clean and organized. Dogs are so amusing, aren't they.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Wow- You did great job of cleaning- I am decluttering my basement and that is bad enough. I hope you get rested up. I think I want your dog's life! xo Diana

  8. I get that way too in January! It bugs me to think about all the boxes in storage if they aren't organized. Your dog is a cutie pie.

  9. When I pack up my Christmas things I clean and change my decorating items around. It takes me forever to get everything the way I want it but it feels good, too. I have several things in my car right now to donate. Happy New year!

  10. Ahhh, your sidekick is so sweet, and pooped out after the holidays. It only took three days to do your deep cleaning???? I've been wanting to clean and de-clutter room by room but something always comes up. Plus I know it will take more than three days since we have accumulated a LOT of stuff in our 30 + marriage.

  11. lovely post!! wouldn't that be the WAY to get a clean house...just watching someone else do it well and take little naps in the slow parts? ha! well done girlie


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