January 8, 2013

A Lovely Birthday Surprise

Hubby had a wonderful surprise in store for my birthday this year!

A few weeks ago I was talking to him about my love of wood stoves.  Going on and on about how I would love to have a real one, to which he rolled his eyes.  

Discouraged, I happened to mention that Menard's sells electric wood stoves and how I thought it might give me the feel of a real one with out so much of the cost - - again there was eye rolling!

I figured at that point it was something I would have to purchase on my own.

Along came my birthday.  Hubby wrangled the kids into the car for a secret shopping trip while I baked a cake.

A few hours later they arrived back home chasing me off into my bedroom to await the grand reveal.

When I was finally allow to come take a look I can't tell you how shocked I was to find this sitting in the middle of the living room...

I'm pretty sure there was squealing . . . .

perhaps even a little jumping . . . . 

I know for a fact there were many hugs!

For now I've placed my beloved electric wood stove in an awkward corner between the hutch and the desk.  Normally a chair sits in this space, but I've found it's the perfect placement for my wood stove   I can see the flickering flames in great comfort from my sofa as I lay and read a book each night on my Kindle with the lights off.

Just me, my kindle and a wood stove - - - Modern Day Mommy Time!



  1. Yay! It looks wonderful! So cozy! We always had a wood burning stove in our home when I was growing up. They were wonderful! Happy Birthday girl!!

  2. I'm so excited for you! I saw those are Menards and even though I have a wood stove in the living room, I thought it would be perfect in the bedroom! Happy Birthday!

  3. OH that is so awesome, Robin! I know you will love it!! Happy Birthday!

  4. How wonderful to have them love you so much! I love it and believe me it won't be as dirty as a real one, I have a real one and so far this winter we haven't used it, going on the 2nd year for that!

  5. How sweet that he did that! I have one like that in my little garden cottage and love it. Miss a fireplace in the living room, they keep improving the electric ones so maybe someday.
    Enjoy and Happy Birthday!

  6. What a great gift. I have had my eye on one of those for quite awhile to put in my faux mantel. Happy Birthday to you Robin!

  7. Oh- I love it- I am so thrilled that he got the hint! Perfect spot for it- xo Diana

  8. Happy Birthday. I have had my eye on these as well.

  9. Happy Birthday what a sweet husband to surprise you! Enjoy your new stove!

  10. Love it! So happy you got what you wanted!

    Happy birthday to you!

  11. I have been looking at one of these...do they heat pretty well?

  12. Happy birthday and what a fun surprise!!

  13. I LOVE your little stove, what a fabulous birthday present! Happy Birthday, btw and many, many more wonderful gifts through the years (I mean birthdays through the years. :)
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  14. What a fabulous gift! (I've been telling hubby that I might want one in my office since I work from home.)


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