January 24, 2013

Fun Finds

I haven't had a Fun Finds post in a long time.  Mostly because I haven't been shopping for myself in a while.  My favorite place to shop in my neighborhood is a store called Unique.  It's a great thrift store that never seems to disappoint. 
Last week I decided to treat myself to a little Birthday shopping and found two small white bowls which I've used to hold candles on the shelf in my dinning room.  Lately I have been loving the look of candles in small bowls or pedestals so I was very happy to find two that perfectly fit a pillar candle.

I adore the small scalloped edges and the tiny cracks covering the bowls surface.  They have a very dainty, fragile feel to them which somehow makes me love them more.

I wondered over to the furniture section to look around also and found two folding metal chairs for a steal.

I have know idea how or where I'll use them, but I was not coming home without them.

I love the industrial look of the frame.

And the wood covered seats are in amazingly good shape.

While the rest of the chair has a nicely aged, well-used look to them.

I think they will be a great addition to either hold a basket filled with essentials in the bathroom or perhaps I'll fill a lonely corner somewhere and add a pillow for softness.  I'm sure to have fun figuring it out.
Hope you have a lovely day,


  1. It's amazing how a little paint can totally transform a piece of furniture!I'm excited to stop by your blog from a blog hop! I'm following you now and am excited to see more amazing recipes! Feel free to stop by and follow office furniture pune

  2. Your little candle is sweet with the butcher's twine around it. I love those old chairs- I have a couple I picked up here and there-xo Diana

  3. My husband is on our local volunteer fire department and they have quite a few of these chairs. Once we borrowed them for a large function, and I thought they were wonderful. but my husband thought they were ugly.....to each his own.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see how you use these.

  4. Great finds! I love the crazing on white dishes. In fact, when I scoring thrift stores, that's what I look for - and they're usually super cheap! Love that bowl - and the folding chairs are great! Putting a basket on them is a great idea!

  5. Fabulous finds. I think I found bowls just like yours the other day. Scooped them right up ;)

  6. Great minds think alike, or so I'd like to think! I was puttering around with Valentine stuff this morning and when I couldn't find a big candle holder, I propped my pillar candle in a little bowl very similar to yours. The folding chairs are a great find, too!

  7. What a sweet candle! LOVE those vintage chairs....sweet find!

  8. Fun finds! And I love your chippy table in the background! :)

  9. Great chairs...there are so many great uses for them...fantastic finds!

  10. Such a cute idea to put the candle in the pretty little bowl! I love the bakers twine wrapped arond it too! You inspired me to go thrift shopping today and I got a bunch of good stuff. :)

  11. Pretty candles. Can't wait to see what you do with the chairs!

  12. Love the chairs. You can never ever have too many chairs!

  13. Oh my goodness - love those chairs - great find! Take care, Laura


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