February 25, 2013

Fun Finds For The Kitchen

The thrift store has been very good to me lately.  This past week my finds were all about the kitchen. 
Take this group of silver butter knives for instance.

Each one has such a lovely design on it. 
My favorite is the one in the middle.

I have always found it fun to use butter knives . . . is that weird? 
It's just such a lovely way to add charm to a simple meal family meal.  Plus a mini lesson in table etiquette is always a good thing for my girls.

My adventures in thrifting also turned up these two small bowls with pretty flowers.

Their size is larger than a butter pat dish but I can't figure out what they would be used for.
For now, they make a great base for pillar candles.

My favorite find of the week is this metal trivet.

I can't tell you how long I have looked for one of these. 
I've always thought they would be such a great help in the kitchen and the perfect way to add a little old school charm to my counter tops.

There are a few area's with slight rusting, but for the most part it's in great shape.
I adore the scalloped edging and the sweet heart design in the middle.

As for the rust . . . any suggestions on how to remove it?


  1. You found some great little things. I love the silver butter knives, they're all nice. And the trivet, it's gorgeous! You could try cleaning it with steel wool, then rubbing it with oil when you're done. That's what I would do probably.
    I also adore the little fruit bowls, especially the one with turquoise flowers in it.
    Have a good week. Cindy

  2. I love all of your wonderful thrifty finds! The butter knives are wonderful!

  3. Your butter knives are beautiful! The trivet is fun too. We have an old one that belong to my MIL. We use it often. :)

  4. Looks like you had fun shopping. I just adore age old silver.

  5. Love all of your finds, Robin, especially those butter knives! And steel wool, used gently so as not to disturb the patina, will usually remove rust...

  6. Beautiful finds!Not sure how to remove rust though.

  7. I love the butter knives! The middle one is my favorite too :)

  8. Hi Robin - maybe they are fruit nappies? J

  9. I have used naval jelly - available @ all hardware stores - to remove rust. Then coat it with wax or spray with clear coat to keep air from it in future. Love those knives! I love using them too. Mary

  10. Great finds! Love the silver butter knives.


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