February 21, 2013

Love At First Glance

Love at first glance.
Their is just no other way to describe my excitement upon finding this lovely butter dish.

Our old glass butter dish plunged off the counter top and broke months ago.  I've been meaning to replace it . . . just hadn't done it for some reason.
I must have been waiting for this one.

It's pretty heart shaped handle . . . 

And delicate rosebud detailing is a delightful way to add vintage beauty to our everyday lives.

Hubby say's it's much too fancy to use everyday . . . I chuckled and said  "No, it's perfect"
Hubby thinks it looks dirty . . . I assured him it has been washed thoroughly.
Hubby's not a fan of the tarnish . . . I told him "it adds to it's charm".
He's not convinced.
I'm confident it will grow on him. 
And who knows, maybe I'll shine it up for him a little later on. 
For right now . . . it stays just the way it is.

Perfectly tarnished and delightfully gorgeous!
Have a great day,


  1. It is more than perfect! Such a great find...enjoy. Dianntha

  2. The tarnishing adds character, for sure! Hey - I see YOU in every one of those pictures!!

  3. That is perfect - it was meant to be yours! Beats my vintage Tupperware butter dish (vintage means yellow plastic).

  4. I love it, Robin and I have to agree with you, it's perfectly charming just the way that it is. Hugs, Cindy

  5. Robin- What a beautiful old piece that is! I love it! I can see your arms and a camera where your head should be!;>) xo Diana

  6. are we married to the same guy - ha!!!!????? lovely dish AND the header is stunning!

  7. What a lovely piece with great patina (okay tarnish hehe.)

  8. It's perfectly beautiful just the way it is. Great treasure find.


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