February 11, 2013

New Kitchen Table

I was at the thrift store a couple weeks ago and found a farmhouse table that I immediately thought would be perfect for my gravel patio come spring.

It's been sitting in the garage ever since.  That is until today anyway.  I figured instead of having it sit out in the garage I'd see if it would work in the kitchen.

It's a truly lovely table.  
Very heavy and sturdy with a planked top that I love.

Simple legs - - that I love.

A nice wide apron - - that I love.

Plus it's fits perfectly in the kitchen.

Sorry gravel patio . . . the kitchen took your table!!!!

Granted the current color is NOT pretty or lovable.  It's a weird green color with a very orangeish sealant over the top if it.

But do you see the color underneath the paint.  Right there by the nail hole?

That part is perfect.

I'm thinking, stained wood top with a creamy white colored base.  Lot's of distressing of course to mimic it's current distressed state.

Maybe the patio will see this beauty come springtime after all.  But only for a makeover!  
Then it's back to the kitchen.



  1. so adorable, I love it with the mismatched chairs!

  2. What a find, Robin! Be still my heart...that would have stopped me in my tracks!

  3. Oh wow, definitely a kitchen keeper! Can't wait to see it this spring when it's been re-done!


  4. The table is lovely- love the lines and simplicity!


  5. What a great table!! It is going to look so pretty when you are done with it! Who finds a farmhouse table at the thrift store? You are a lucky girl!

  6. That is a great table! Way too pretty to be sitting in the garage all this time!

  7. What a cool find Robin!Oh yes it is perfect in your kitchen and your idea to restore it sounds perfect too!Can't wait to see it!

  8. Great find! I actually like the colors with all the chippy paint. X

  9. Oh WOW! That is a wonderful table! Robin, with a stained top and painted legs, it will be fabulous looking! I'm very happy for you, that's a great find!
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. It's a great table, Robin, and your ideas for its makeover sound wonderful. What a lucky find!

  11. That little beauty is going to look fabulous in a shabby white dress, Robin! Can hardly wait to see it on her! :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. Great find for you, I like what you are going to do with it!

  13. Great find and great treasure. It's a beautiful table.

  14. so does this replace 'our' table or in another spot? i'm sooooo jealous!


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