February 8, 2013

First Attempt At Redwork!

Remember back when I talked about my love of Redwork and my desire to give it a try?

This past weekend I found the time to start a project.

A nice and simple design to ease me in and get me started.

I have to say I'm totally hook.  
My mind is swirling around with dozens of project I can't wait to start.  When I was finished stitching the design, I sewed it onto a simple linen pillow cover and it looks perfect on my living room chair.

As much as I loved the process of working on this piece it surprised me to realize it wasn't my favorite part of the project.  

My favorite part surprises me even now as  I look back at it.  

I'm amazed how the simple act of sitting down to work with a humble piece of fabric and some thread had the ability to gather my family together.

As I sat on the living room sofa with my feet up and fingers stitching away, one by one my girls appeared and joined me for a chat.  Sometimes one child at a time or more often than not,  all three of them would stop by for a while.  

It was a time to connect, to catch up and share some time together.  Something that we sadly don't always have the time to do in our busy schedules.

Simple words, some laughs - - a pure moment of togetherness that I will cherish.

On a side note, while I was working on sewing the pillow cover together my youngest decided she wanted to sew also.  She cut out a heart shape from felt and sewed together her first pillow.  I'm so very proud of her . . . didn't it turn out cute!

Her pillow looks great with mine don't you think?

Talk to you soon, 



  1. You did it, and it looks amazing!!! Love your pillow, love the family time this project gave you. Your daughter's pillow is beautiful and you're right, looks perfect with yours.


  2. It is hard to believe this is your first piece! It certainly doesn't look like something done by a beginner. It looks perfect and very beautiful! I love the side benifit of family time! Your daughters heart pillow is really adorable too!

  3. Oh Robin, that turned out beautifully! I agree with Lisa, it certainly doesn't look like your first piece. Your daughter's cute little pillow is the perfect compliment to yours.

    I've found that certain projects really draw the kids in too. Whenever I make pom-poms my kids are right there wanting to take their turn. Hope you have a good weekend. I'm so glad it's sunny today!!

  4. Nice job. very pretty!

  5. I am impressed you have finished your project---beautiful. I also love Redwork. I am working on my second Redwork quilt. Also,I made my sister a quilt using blue instead of red. Suzanne Zaruba Cirello has two books, Sunbonnet Sue and Scottie Too and Sunbonnet Sue and Scottie at Play. The first quilt I used a nine patch. Currently this one, I am going to incorporate another pattern using the Redwork blocks.
    P.S. Sorry I am not computer savvy-do no know how to underline titles of books on my tablet:-)

  6. I love it Robin! Did you make up the pattern yourself? So perfect with your daughter's adorable pillow. Mimi

  7. I love her heart. Some of the best memories I have are of sewing with my Mom. And when I was really little she would give me scraps of fabric to practice sewing on.

  8. What a wonderful way to connect with your kids! My mother taught my sister and me to sew, too. She sewed all of our clothing and let us use bits and pieces to create our own "art" just like your daughter has done.

    Love your redwork, too! I hope to get around to mine this winter.....before it's over!

  9. Your redwork is beautiful! I love it, I actually drew out one that I wanted to do, similar to yours, but I didn't do it. now I wish I had.
    Yours is gorgeous and your daughters is really adorable. She did a lovely job on it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Now you've got me looking for a redwork heart to embroider, Robin!

    If you enjoy vintage patterns, try this site: http://mytransfers.blogspot.com
    Floresita has a wonderful archive of oldies. Including that little scotty dog in your previous post--he works up soooo cute!


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