March 26, 2013

A Hankering For . . . Classic Cars

I have a slightly new obsession with vintage cars. 
It's a dream obsession really.
Can't tell you how it happened, I'm not much of a car person.
Maybe it's from watching too many re-runs of Mad Men, or perhaps it's just an extension of my love of so many different types of vintage items.
Whatever the reason, I'm hook. 
I've even gone so far as to drag hubby and the kids to the local community park during a Classic Car Show.  I have a feeling it's an obsession that isn't going away anytime soon.
And why should it? 
Who wouldn't want to zip on over to the local gas station for a gallon of milk driving one of these . . . .
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Or how about letting the kids pile into this 1956 Wagon and take them all on a picnic to the beach. . .
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(Source:  Pinterest)
Oh, but this beauty is just begging for a road trip . . . .
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Now I'm not sure how I feel about this pink car. 
Other than I've never seen such a tough looking pink in all my life! 
I'm just not sure it's "me" . . .
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I think perhaps I should stick with something more in my groove like this red and white beauty!
Looks like it has plenty of room for the me and the kids.
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And speaking of my groove, and all things "me",  can't get more like myself than loving something like this  . . . .
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But then again, maybe Vintage Campers shouldn't be in a "Hankering" category all by themselves!
Have a great day,


  1. You have just happened upon one of my main love affairs! I adore the classic cars. I used to have my fb profile photo as one of me in a 1950 ( something) Cadillac. (It belongs to my son-in-law) I have gone to classic car shows for many years, my hubby also enjoys them, thankfully. I owned a car like the last image at one time, I loved driving it. They're so spacious and the steering wheel is large, you feel like you're really driving something wonderful!
    I think this is an extension of your love of so many different types of vintage items. It just naturally follows!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Love your post of the "classic cars". I am always game of going to car shows.

  3. What fun. Don't you LOVE that last combo-car and trailer? What a lot of fun. There is a big car show here with vintage cars every year. I love to look at them, too- xo Diana

  4. Awesome - a post I can share with the hubby! He loves the muscle cars!

  5. I love vintage cars too! We go to a vintage car show every summer.It is so much fun.Wow those cars were big! I can see why most folks did not have garages.There is no way one would fit in our garage that's for sure!

  6. OMG that red station wagon is just like the one my husband and I had when we were just married only it was in blue. That brings back memories.

  7. These are some beauties you are sharing!
    My father in law has restored about 4 or 5 classic cars and brings them to shows. He has quite a trophy collection!


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