March 27, 2013

Springtime in the Dinning Room

For my springtime decorating I've taken a simple approach.  

Simply adding items that I enjoy and colors that I love.  

The desk in the dinning room has a new arrangement.  I've kept my farm sign since I still adore it.

I filled the wood box with simple items that I thought worked together.

On the wall behind the table, the shelf received a new chalkboard, vintage clocks and my collection of sheep.

Can you believe this is my first chalkboard?  I'm a little behind the times, but I'm cool with that.  LOL.

Found this cute little lamb at the thrift store.

The same day I found this one.
A little cutesy for me I'll admit, but somehow spring brings that out in me.

Last year I found this adorable vintage planter and fell hard for it.  I think it looks adorable filled with faux grass.

And finally, the last item of my collection is the one that started the collection.  I love this cheerful, colorful planter like nothing else.   It makes me smile every time I see it.

To complete the dinning room, I added this newly purchased plant stand in the corner.  The stand will be moved out onto the covered porch once the weather warms up enough.  For now it add an over-sized element of interest to the corner.

I still have to figure out what I am going to do for my dinning room table.   Just found out yesterday that I will be hosting Easter this year.  I'm thinking something simple like hydrangea's in glass jars but I'll be sure to share once I figure it out.  

Have a great day,  


  1. It all looks good, I agree with you about the absolutely adorable-ness of the planters! (is that a word? :) Hugs ~ Mary

  2. Well, Robin-It may be simple but it is simple and sweet. I love those little planter and have one that was given to my MIL when my husband was born. They remind me of a softer, gentler age- xo Diana

  3. Lovely planters they make your feel good when you see them. The chalkboard looks great don't feel bad I don't even have one. Would love a whole wall of chalkboard.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  4. Your little planters are so cute! Someone gave my daughter a cute little pink and green chick when she was was filled with q-tips :) I think jars of hydrangeas would be beautiful. I went to Bachman's today and they had some beautiful ones there...kind of expensive though. Oh I did see some hydrangea bushes at Costco too. You could just cut the flowers off. Hope you have a happy Easter. xo

  5. It all looks great Robin! Just love the little lambs.. I am sure you will end up with a wonderful tablescape for Easter...Blessings!

  6. Your dining room is looking very pretty for Spring! I love your collection of vintage lambs. The lil guy holding the basket in his mouth is actually my favorite. So cute! Loooove your plant stand! What a great piece!

  7. So pretty! Love the last photo especially!!

  8. Love your dining room. The little lambs are so cute!

  9. So pretty, Robin! I like to use a little bit of cutesy for Easter, too!


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