April 2, 2013

Fun Finds: Vintage Sewing Notions

At the thrift store the other day I stumbled upon a baggie filled with tiny thread covered, paper spools!

I'd never seen anything like it. 
I thought they were cute, so of course they came home with me.
Don't you just love them.

Those tiny spools of thread got me thinking.
As much as I enjoy sewing . . .  and all things vintage . . . .
It only seems natural that I should have some sort of vintage sew collection . . .
I thought so!
With the new collection in mind, I've been slowing adding to it.
Since my first purchase, I've found a handful of thread on wooden spools . . .

I think they looks so fun and cheerful in a metal basket.

Don't you?

I even had luck in finding this pair of scissors. 
Not sure if they are really considered sewing scissors but I'm proclaiming them to be just that!

Not a shabby start, if you don't mind me saying.
Don't you just love the thrill of a new collection!
Have a great day,


  1. I just bought a neat pair of scissors at an estate sale. I think they are kitchen shears though...yes, I love the thrill of the hunt!!

  2. Love the little spools of thread. I also have some wooden spools and I will not part with them. Need to come up with an idea on show casing them.
    Happy Spring

  3. The little spools are so cute! YES! What a great start on your collection. :) I bought a box of sewing "things" at an auction one summer. I was so excited when I got it home, it's full of vintage spools of thread. I don't know what to do with them tho, maybe put them in a jar?

    Take care!

  4. YES I just love them...and of course you had to have them! Sewing goodies are fun to collect...and you can still find them so reasonably, too!


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