April 1, 2013

Springtime Living Room Makeover

I am so excited to share my newly finished spring time living room. 
I love this time of year so much.  No matter how much snow is on the ground outside, spring always feels like it has officially arrived once I have my living room made over for the season.
Before we get to pictures, I must apologize for the less than wonderful photos.  My camera is mad at me and acting all crazy.  It may be time to say goodbye and finally get a big-girl camera like many of you have.  Which scares the you-know-what out of me!
That being said, lets get to the fun stuff. 
Take a look . . . .  

Hello Spring!  I'm Ready!
I am now in love with my living room all over again.
I've reused a number if items that I had here at home like the pretty floral curtains.  Then I added new things like the distressed white frames with burlap photo mats.

And this newly purchased chicken wire basket. 
Have you ever seen such a pretty basket?
I wish I had thought to buy more of them.

The chippy coffee table received a simple lace edged runner and a bowl full of fake hydrangea's I've had for years.  The flowers are still a favorite every time I bring them out of storage.

In the far corner, I place a distressed crate filled with my collection of vintage blue books along with a few candles.  The books give a great pop of color as does the flower print on the wall.

The two white slip covered chairs along the large wall received pretty pillows in blue and green paisley.

Between the chairs on the little table I place a sweet display that I love for it's simplicity.
A stack of books, a nest and a bird - can't get more simple than that but somehow it looks amazing.

Isn't the sweet little bird adorable?  I've had it for years and look forward to taking him out each spring.

My favorite part of the room is on the wall above the chairs. 
 I love this set of shelves, they are always so much fun to arrange.

I enjoyed the look of the white frames with burlap I use in the room already so I decided to carry on the theme by switch out all my black museum like frames for white ones.  I had to make several trips to the thrift store in search of wood frames to paint. 
The end result is very pretty I think.  The white frames seem to make the prints and photos stand out more.

I tried to add pops of color to the shelf also. 
My color of choice this time of year is a combo of pale blue and green.
I painted two clay pots with a pretty, pale blue.  Together with the greenery I think they are a cheerful duo for spring.  The wire basket adds an interested touch don't you think?  They are from the dollar section at Target.  I picked up a total of three of them and now I'm wishing I would have picked up more.

Moving on, other pops of color where added like this vintage children's reading book tied open with twine.

Botanical prints in shades of blue, plus little items like this bird . . .

And a pale blue finial I've had for years.

This room makes me smile for so many reason. 
Mostly because it's just a bright, cheerful and cozy place to be.

Hope you enjoyed the tour, 
Talk to you soon,


  1. Your room is very pretty and perfect for Spring, Robin. The whole room has a very relaxing vibe and the details are so interesting. Love the books in the crate, the pretty wall arrangement with the fresh white frames, the wire baskets with plants and pillows -lovely! I have some similar picture ledges in storage that I may have to paint and find a spot for. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you had a great Easter weekend and Happy April!

  2. You room is gorgeous, I love the soft colors you've added in the blue and green. All of your accessories just make the room, very pretty. Hugs, marty

  3. Yes!!! I love those colors together. It just screams spring to me.

  4. I'm loving the white, light look! I've "tweaked" my living room too! Must be the "spring air"!!!

  5. love your spring decorating. The white and soft blue are so gorgeous. Need to get cracking on mine as soon as I get my Easter stuff packed away.
    Happy Spring!

  6. What a beautiful room, it makes me happy :)
    have a happy Spring

  7. Loooove the soft pastels with all of your white! The room looks so soft and pretty! I really am madly in love with your burlap backed botanicals! They look so great!

  8. Beautiful Robin looks like it should be in a magazine!Gorgeous!

  9. Your living room looks so very fresh and pretty. You have placed everything so perfectly. I love it, Robin. My favourite thing is probably those floor length curtains, they are beautiful in their simplicity.

  10. I see why you like your living room at spring time so much! Love all the vignettes and items you've used to bring a light, fresh, cheery feel to your room. Your wonderful chippy table caught my eye right away.
    Mary Alice

  11. Yes, it definitely looks ready for Spring! I love the floral curtains and all the white frames you added to the room. The hydrangeas on the coffee table are just right too. The old reading book brought back memories for me. I grew up learning to read from those back in the 70's.

  12. Robin, this is just beautiful! It is so perfect for spring...fresh and lovely!! I love everything about it!

  13. Oh, my! What isn't to love about your living room.
    1. what a great chicken wire basket
    2. the off center shelves are wonderful
    3. the finial - must find one for myself
    4. the table - oh, oh, oh!

    Can you tell I like it?

  14. Spring is looking very, very beautiful at your house. It all looks lovely- xo Diana

  15. SO beautiful Robin! I love all the spring touches - the floral curtains, burlap & floral prints in the frames, baskets and all your blues. I especially adore that chippy table!

  16. Your living room is a dream! I love thatit's so soothingly calm despite all the intricate details in it! love it Robin!

  17. Everything looks so pretty! I love bringing in bits of springtime... even if it is still cold outside! :-)

  18. WOW! I'm in awe! You're living room is simply gorgeous! There is so many things I love about this room! From your box of books to your table everything is lovely!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Give Me the Goods! Hope to have you party with us again next week!

    ~Chelsea @ Married Filing

  19. Beautiful room... I can almost smell spring from here!! I can't tell you my favorite because I have so many in your gorgeous room!!

  20. It all looks so beautiful! Welcome Spring! Life to the full! Melissa

  21. So pretty!! I love the white frames! And I am totally in love with the way you displayed the little children's book! Also I want the cow photo. haha! Love me some cows!

  22. Your livingroom is so fresh looking, I just love it. I would love to try a light color in my living, by my husband loves the faux finish I did in there YEARS ago! :) Maybe someday. :)


  23. Your living room looks so calm and serene. Great job with the decor!

  24. Your room looks so beautiful Robin!!
    I love all the little details, very springy indeed!!
    Happy Weekend!

  25. Your room makes me smile too! You have a lovely sense of style Robin!

  26. Everything is oh so springy perfect - totally swoon worthy!! xo. Could you send me your nailing address - I have a little something I need to send your way!

  27. Beautiful, peaceful room. I love the white on white, and especially love your curtains and floating shelves. Lovely. Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com

  28. such a sweet looking room, robin:) the twine on the book is too cute!

  29. Love everything, Robin! Just gorgeous!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life


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