April 11, 2013

Vintage Stool and Pretty Flowers

I've been struggling with how to use the vintage metal chair I have in the corner of my kitchen.

I've removed it countless times only to bring it back since the corner looks bare without it.  And then the internal debate begins again.  

I enjoy moving items around the house, tweaking this, and moving that.  Most day's it's a fun process.  But every now and then I run into a snag, 

a bump,

 a I-don't-have-a clue-nothing-looks-right sort of situation.

  Like with this chair!  
I've tried dozens of different options - none were keepers.  I finally gave up and moved on to something else.

Bless my kids, yesterday they fixed my problem.  

They scooped up my bucket of Hydrangea's off the kitchen table and stashed it on the metal chair to make more room for playdough fun.

When I walked into the room I gasped out loud!

Three kids froze . . . 

I asked "who moved my bucket?"

I heard at tenative, somewhat cautious  "we did?" . . .

I proclaimed,  "IT'S PERFECT!!!!!"

I'm fairly certain my kids think I've lost a bolt or two, 
if not pure crazy - - 
I'm cool with that.



  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Robin! And I LOVE your stool!

  2. Perfect! Kids have innate talent for decor, don't they? ; ) Your kitchen gets great sunlight. Enjoy those hydrangeas.

  3. It is perfect! I am thinking about doing something like that with an old chair on my porch. I like the simplicity :-)

  4. Your hydrangeas do look great there! I love them in that bucket too. The whole thing looks so nice and springy...unlike what I see outside the window this morning :)

  5. I can see why you gasped. It's adorable. Problem solved and cuteness reigns! :-)

  6. This made me laugh. Sometimes I think we try too hard. Lookin' good now.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  7. How funny Robin! I can feel your frustration. There's been so many times where I can't seem to find a place for something and throw my hands up. Then I simply set something down casually and decide that I like the way it looks in that place.
    Your hydrangeas look perfect in that great chair - nice job girls!

  8. Little decorators in the making. It does look perfect on the chair....

  9. I love when accidental decorating happens and those hydrangeas are gorgeous! I've been catching up on your posts and all of your spring decorating is just beautiful. I love all of it!

  10. It is perfect! LOVE it! I have a very similar stool and I'm thinking a bucket of flowers on top would be perfect now! Thanks for the inspiration! Pinning! Would love it if you would link this up to Give Me The Goods Monday: 1 Party, 5 Blogs! http://www.rainonatinroof.com/2013/04/give-me-goods-monday-3-link-party.html
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  11. I love it, Robin. I have an old stool like that and I pull it out when the kids are working on kitchen "projects". I love the idea of a bucket of flowers on top of it- xo Diana

  12. It looks great...love it!! Isn't it funny how things just fall into place when we least expect it.

  13. Your kids are brilliant! It looks fabulous with the gorgeous hydrangeas in it. I have a stool somewhat like that and I had the same problem, I have ended up just sticking it under the breakfast bar between the two chairs that are there. It's usable and out of my way now.
    Hugs Cindy

  14. I can SO relate! Trying to get something just right, and then when it happens...YES! I agree, the stool and bucket of hydrangeas is perfection :)

  15. Sometimes all you need is another set (or a few) of eyes...even if it was by chance!
    LOVE it!!
    Happy Weekend!

  16. They're learning how to decorate at a young age! It does look good there. My Cosco chair is sitting empty right now. Can you believe someone actually tried to sit on it one day? What were they thinking?


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