June 25, 2013

Peony Love

This past week both of my peony shrubs started blooming.  Normally I'm camping when they start blooming and tend to miss most of it.  This year with our crazy, cold spring bloom time is later - - which worked out wonderfully for me.

I gathered a bucketful from the garden and arranged them for the dinning room table. 
I'm using what I think is a wine holder that I found at the thrift store.  I loved it's rustic, chunky flair and hoped it would work to hold informal bouquets of flowers from my garden. 

I had hoped to use mason jars to hole the flowers but I quickly found out they were to large.  Instead I used pretty etched drinking glasses which worked perfectly.

To fill in between the peonies I cut some Lady's Mantel blooms to tuck in here and there.

I'm loving the pink and lime green mix.  
Oh how I wish peonies bloomed all year round.  
They are just such a pretty flower and they smell so amazing.

I'm hoping for a couple more bucketful's before they finish blooming for the season.

Hope you all enjoy your day,



  1. Hi Robin, Your Peonies are beautiful! I also love the cut crystal drinking glasses you've got them in-so elegant. I once looked at buying some starters but they are so pricey that I passed them up-sad I did. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think they are even a little more special because we really appreciate their beauty when we can. I love how you've arranged them, the glasses are pretty and a great idea!


  3. Mmmm peonies and lilacs are my favs too (have my first blooms about to unfurl any day!) can't wait

  4. Robin- Those peonies are beautiful. I love them and lilacs in the Spring. Yours are gorgeous- xo Diana

  5. Oh.....I miss my peonies already, Robin. Yours are just beautiful! What a pretty mix with the Lady's Mantle. Love how you arranged them! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. I love peonies too. Such a pretty flower. Ours were a little late this year too. Mimi

  7. I agree, they really should bloom all summer long. I love your blooms and the holder, it's perfect! My peonies will be blooming soon, hopefully I can post photos of them next week.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Just beautiful, Robin! I love how you re-purposed the rack, too!

  9. Your peonies are beautiful. They look perfect in the drinking glasses.

  10. What is the specific name of these peonies?

  11. I love these peonies. Are these "Lady Orchid" or "Sarah Bernhardt"? where did you buy the plant from?


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