July 31, 2013

Adding a Birdbath To The Garden

For years I've been thinking of adding a birdbath to my garden but I could never justify the expense of the pretty stone ones I've drooled over.  I figured the cheapo, plastic ones would be blown all over the yard by the wind so I've refrained from purchasing one.  Last month while wondering around my local Menards store I stumbled upon a birdbath that I thought looked very pretty.  I was surprised to realize it was made from a heavy duty plastic similar to the pots they are making these days yet didn't look like plastic at all.  Since it had some weight to it I figured it was worth a shot.

Instead of just plunking the birdbath down in the garden and calling it a day, I decided to make a special spot for it and hopefully add a little interest to the garden.  To give you an idea of what the space looked like before I started making changes here's a look at the spot from early this spring before I had done any weeding.  Pitiful looking . . . I know.

But look at it now!

I moved a few plants around and trashed a couple plants that I have never been happy with.  I'd like to fill in behind the birdbath a little more but I'm still thinking on what I'd like to add.  I keep hoping the  Hydrangea to the back right will hurry up and grow to it's mature size.

To help highlight the birdbath area and add some interest, I outlined the area with a small rocks I've picked up on ATV'ing trips for this purpose.  Then I simply added two bags of pea gravel from the hardware store.  The pea gravel helped make this spot blend nicely with the rest of the garden paths around the yard all of which are also the same material.  

I'm loving the finished look.

Don't you?


  1. Plastic you say?? Wow Robin... you got a wonderful buy. I have one, It's metal with a copper look to it, metal though. But it looks exactly like yours. If you hadn't said it was plastic, I would have assumed your was like mine. Looks wonderful in the garden.
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Don't you just love Menards! Your new birdbath area looks wonderful.

  3. That looks fantastic! You did a really nice job and I bet it is a really bright, happy spot in your yard! Great buy! xo Diana

  4. it looks really beautiful! good ol' menards!! ;) i am wishing my new hydrangea would hurry and grow up too. i have another 2 yr old one and it is much bigger, but not full grown just yet either. your shasta daisies should really grow big, mine are huge now and only 1 yr old. enjoy your new garden area, i'm sure the birdies will love it!

  5. I would never have guess it was plastic. It looks wonderful in the garden. I have been browsing Pinterest today for ideas for birdbaths. I have a red clay base for my birdbath, but the bowl shattered several years ago. I came across some fun ideas I am going to try tomorrow.

  6. It looks great! I never would have guessed it was plastic. I've always enjoyed shopping at Menard's when I've lived in the Midwest. They have a great nursery section. I always love posts about you beautiful gardens!!

  7. Robin, you have put a lot of hard work into your garden. The bird bath looks fabulous in it's sweet little area carved out just for it!

  8. I am currently working hard to make my backyard a restful, beautiful place. I love your Bird Bath and I love the look of the smooth, round stones and pea gravel. I would like to duplicated it somewhere in our backyard! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Very pretty Robin! I like that the birdbath has a special spot. It definitely adds another layer of interest to the garden. And I bet it makes the birds happy too!


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