July 31, 2013

A Hankering For . . . A Ribbon Driveway

During the summer months I'm constantly thinking up ways to make the outside of our home look more inviting.  I'm sure a lot of you are the same way.
Lately I've been obsessing over Ribbon Driveways!  You know the old-timey type of driveway with concrete pavers and grass?
I adore the look.
.16lstreet: Ribbon Driveways
I just love the look and feel of these old-timey driveways with the grass strip.
Although it's not very practical for our snow filled winters here in Minnesota, every once in a while I'll come across a home that has a ribbon driveway. 
garage doors...green grass tracks...sooo darn cool
brick & grass ribbon driveway
Simple or Grand I think it is a wonderful look that I wish would come back in style.
Have a great day,


  1. I agree! I adore them but it's not practical here either with the tons of snow we get.

    I still want my driveway to look like this though...

  2. I am always attracted to those ribbon driveways, too, Robin. But then, you and I love most anything that harkens back to yesteryear, don't we.
    Have a great day!

  3. I love this look too. So much better than an ocean of concrete! Mimi

  4. They really are charming, aren't they? I never knew what they were called before!

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