July 10, 2013


Over the years I've found that one of the best things about blogging is the friendships you make along the way.

Don't you agree?

As with any friendship, it starts out tentatively with regular chats as we go through our busy lives.  Somehow, over time, chatting with an acquaintance evolves into chatting with a  friend.  We get to know them little, by little with each talk.  Learning there likes and dislikes, about their families and lives until it seems like they are part of the family.

If were lucky, sometimes we're able to met in person which is thrilling.  More often than not, pure mileage between us makes meeting impossible yet doesn't diminish friendship.

    One such friendship for me is the connection I've made with amazing Lady of Northern Cottage!

We both live in the same state, and have recently realized that we have lived in the same town - - sadly not at the same time.  We both enjoy the same area of the state for camping - - again, not at the same time.  Plus of course we have many similar likes.  We both adore any type of vintage items, we both like pops of bright, cheerful colors and we both think sewing is a relaxing, joyful experience.    Of course, the list could go on , and on, but in my mind these are the points that made us drawn to each other in the beginning.  Maybe, if we're lucky one day we will met in person, but until they I'm sure our friendship will continue to grow through our blogging.

Recently, I was delighted to find a package on my doorstep from said Lady.  You see she knew that I had just started collecting vintage sewing notions and thought I might enjoy some of the items she had on hand.

Boy Oh Boy!  Did I ever!  Take a look . . . .

She doubled my collection in one day!!!!

So many amazing things . . .

I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite.

Wouldn't you have the same problem?

Did you happen to notice how everything is red and white? Ah-Huh, just so happens to be my favorite color combo - EVER.

I tell you, this Lady thinks of everything and knows how to get my attention. 

Thanks so much my friend.  You are the sweetest!

Now if you have never had the opportunity to stop by the Northern Cottage right now would be the perfect time to take a field trip . . . just click right here.

Oh and while your there don't forget to pick out a few of her recipes to try out ...  She just posted about a Sweet Almond Chocolate Marzipan Croissant . . .I can't even say it without my mouth starting to water . . . .Yummy, Yummy, seriously check it out . . .  you'll be glad you did.

Have a great day everyone,



  1. What a lovely gift! You are right that picking a favourite item would be hard but those buttons and the rick rack are really cute. I have received a gift, including pretty fabric coasters and an altered notebook, from that same friend and she sure is talented.

  2. How thoughtful and such great items. I stopped by Northern Cottage and she has a great blog, thanks.
    You are very right about meeting wonderful people on the different blogs. Some of the people you feel very comfortable with immediately and are like old friends.
    Have a great week.

  3. Don't you just love a little package that comes in the mail. I would say she knows you!! Sweet items to add to your collection!

  4. What a wonderful connection that one is. I love it when we really "connect" with another blogger on a personal level- xo Diana

  5. Blog friends can turn into real friends, it's true. I am made a few and I treasure them. Northern Cottage is one that I enjoy also, and what a sweet treat she sent you! It's perfect for you!


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