July 23, 2013

Front Yard Tour

While I was outside taking pictures of my Fourth of July decorations I realized that I haven't done a yard tour this summer yet.

Silly me,  of course I snapped a few extra photos just so I could take care of the problem.  This was a rushed/spare of the moment thing as the kids where calling for my help so please excuse the less than perfect photos.

The front yard is looking like this these days.

The big tree in the middle of the yard hides most of the house from view.  But I love it's shade so I hate to do anything about it.

I am very pleased with how the Snow on the Mountain has filled in around the base of the tree.  This is what I was hoping would happen and it only took a two summers to fill in.  The first year it was so ugly I almost ripped them all out.  The second year it was beginning to show some promise but this year it's almost perfect.   Only a few bare spots to fill in.

Standing by the tree your able to see the remainder of the foundation beds.  They are also filling in nicely this summer.  You may remember last year at this time I was revamping this area.  I'm very pleased with how it is coming along. 

If I stand in the neighbors yard I can get a good look at the house itself . . .

If I look towards the road this is the view we have.

Oh and the back side of the fence is looking good too.  I lost a total of three plants from this bed over the winter.  Still trying to figure out what I want to replace them with.  For this summer I just planted a few more annuals and am now waiting for them to fill in some of the gaps.

So there you have it.  
A quick tour of the front yard.  I'll be sure to do a post in the future about the individual plants I have since I always have so many questions about that.  So no worries ... I'm on it.

Have a wonderful day,


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  1. You have a beautiful yard Robin! We are in the middle of revamping, trimming and trimming, and planning how this new property will look. It does take time and patience! Great job on your beds and borders!

  2. Your yard is beautiful. I also love the tree and the wonderful shade that it gives.

  3. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! Josh

  4. I forgot about your back-breaking yard work last year! That was big job. I love that Snow On The Mountain. I've never planted that before, but it would look great underneath my tree in the backyard.

  5. Robin- How beautiful everything looks. When I first looked at that first picture it was like two picket fence pieces smiling at me. The banners looked like smiley eyes!;>) GREAT tour! xo Diana

  6. Looking beautiful Robin ~ actually very similar to my brother's house!

  7. Lovely - lush and green. I really like how you planted behind the picket fence. Very pretty.

  8. Your yard is beautiful! Love the picket fence with all the flowers! Wish I had a green thumb to make my yard as pretty as yours!

  9. The snow on the mountain is called Gout weed....be careful as it is very invasive..keep it enclosed like you have around the tree..keep it out of bigger garden beds...lol..I love it too... but have been getting rid of it for 3 years in the same areas....also great for putting in pots....mixed in with annuals....love the cement barrier around your tree bed...

  10. Oops!..I now see its brick around your beds...

  11. Your house is very pretty, Robin and I love your little fence corners! I love your yard, the trees and plants are wonderful!

  12. Just beautiful Robin! I especially love the little picket fence gardens!

  13. I love the tree in your front yard please tell me the name of it. And does it stay green all year long??

  14. Hello again I wasthe one inquiring about your front yard tree. my email is missmartha64@yahoo.com if you can please email me the info. Thank you very much


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