July 24, 2013

Fun Finds

It's that time of week again when I get to share my thrift store finds. 

I don't know about you but I love these posts.  I think it's because I enjoy hunting through thrift stores for deals and steals so much!  It gets my blood pumping and my creativity flowing.  I just love it.

This past week I found quite a few items to delight me.

Sorry I'm grouping items together for quick photo shoots.  The weather is so nice out right now I feel like being outside and in the garden or cycling with the kids.  I'm sure you'll see my treasures in future posts soon enough.  LOL! 

First off I found a floral printed tea towel that I think it will be wonderful remade into a pillow cover, don't you!

This next find brings me back to my collage days.  
A 1950's Shorthand Dictionary.  
Oh how I could have used this back in the day when I was struggling through shorthand classes!  Now it just makes me smile and surprises me that I actually remember most of it.

I also found a large serving platter with a unique shape, three brass candlestick holders that I plan to paint, and a small brown and white ironstone transfer-ware dish.

Finally, I came across this red and brass oil lamp.  
I don't think it's in working order anymore but I just loved it's bright red paint.  It will be a welcomed addition to my home to add a pop of color.

 Hope you all have a lovely day,



  1. Great finds!! I love the white platter, I collect those, and that book is interesting too. You will put everything to great creative use,,,I just know it!

  2. Wonderful finds! I have that same exact ironstone platter in my Etsy! Hard to part with but I don't have any other matching pieces.


  3. What great finds. I LOVE that old shorthand book. I had files full of them back when I worked in a business and I was the main steno gal. xo Diana

  4. Those are all fabulous finds, Robin, I love the red flowered tea-towel and the red lantern, especially!

  5. Great loot. Love that lantern. Are these all from the same store or do you hit a few different shops when you thrift shop??


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