August 13, 2013

Fun Finds

This past weeks thrifting adventures produced only a few finds.  Each item I did manage to find has been on my wish list for a while now.  You can imagine my excitement.

I have a small collection of soup tureens already but I always thought a smaller version of one would be nice to add to the collection.  This beauty fits the bill.

Always on the lookout for ironstone, I was delighted to find this piece to add to my collection.
I adore it's graceful shape and the tiny cracks all over it's surface.   But then I'm a sucker for anything with graceful, curvy handles or shape.  This find fills both criteria's. 

And finally, I found a simple basket with a lid and a gorgeous wood box.  I can see both painted up in pretty colors.  I'm thinking either white or teal for the basket and red for the box!

Have you come across any fun finds of your own lately?
I'd love to hear what your on the lookout for!



  1. They are lovely! I cannot wait to see where you display them. Blessings!

  2. Those are great finds! I really like the basket and the smaller white bowl. Perfect! I have picked up some white platters to add to my collection of white items. $2.99 at Value Village and one for $2 at Salvation Army. Gotta love a bargain. Hope you will stop by sometime...take care.

  3. Great finds - I really like the white bowl.

  4. Love that tureen! Great finds!


  5. Great finds! That little white ironstone piece is so cute. I kind of looks like a sugar bowl :)

  6. Robin- You found some really GREAT finds! I love white ironstone. xo Diana

  7. LOVE your wonderful finds, Robin! I haven't been out thrifting too much lately, but I did find some great flash cards for Junk Bonanza. Hopefully I can get out a little tomorrow!

  8. Each of your finds is wonderful. I love the lines of the ironstone with the curved handles.


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