August 14, 2013

Sneaking Flowers

The girls and I made a quick stop at the bank the other day and while we were waiting in the drive-thru I noticed across the street on an undeveloped site countless pretty white flowers.  I told the girls we should stop and pick some when we were done at the bank.

The girls of course thought that was outrageous! 

The conversation continued a little like this . . . 

the girls:  We can't do that ...
Me:      Why not...
the girls:  We'll get arrested...
Me:  No we won't
the girls:  Are you sure (voices dripping with doubt) ...
Me:  ummm, yes!

After our business at the bank was done I pulled on over, jumped out the car and started picking.  The girls, despite they're objection, joined right in.  Giggling and saying hurry, hurry.

I'm not sure what you call this type of flower or maybe it's a weed - - whatever it is I love it.

It looks very pretty sitting on the desk in the Living Room.
I half expect a policeman to show up at our doorstep at any moment!  LOL.

Have a great day everyone,



  1. I think they're called Queen Anne's Lace. It looks beautiful!

  2. It is Queen Annes lace and yes, it's a weed. Very pretty though, isn't it?

  3. They are beautiful...and so is the memory you made!

  4. Gorgeous! Love the whole vignette!!

  5. I love Queen Anne's lace! I wish I could find some growing around here. One only place I ever see it is at the florist. Cute story...I would've probably been saying, "hurry, hurry" too :)

  6. Your 'weeds' are gorgeous and I love the fun memory you created with your girls.

  7. I think it's Queen Anne's lace too! I love it! So pretty! I plan to "sneak" some mini sunflowers from the side of the road soon. :)

  8. It's okay to steal them for your own pleasure, but don't try to sell them!

  9. Queen Anne's Lace! I think it is such a romantic flower. I have even dried it by hanging it upside down to keep the heads up. Looks so pretty the way you've displayed it...

  10. I enjoyed your story! Kids are so cute and your flowers are beautiful, and I love the metal thingy that it's in, really gorgeous! It reminds me of when my oldest grands were about 8 & 9 years old and it was our cities first giveaway weekend. We went around our neighbourhood and picked up what we wanted from the curb. My grandson got in the car after the first pick up and said "Gramma I feel like a robber doing this." I had to laugh at him.
    Hugs, Cindy


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