August 7, 2013

Mom's Garden

I was at my mom and dad's the other day for a visit and of course I was drooling over her garden.  Mom has an amazing green thumb and her gardens always look pretty and lush!  Inspired by the beauty, I thought a few photos were in order.

One of my favorite beds in Mom's yard is her Hollyhock bed.  It's out on the edge of the property surrounded by cornfields and old outbuilding from the neighboring farmer they share a driveway with.

It's a simple sort of bed, one I'm sure that doesn't need or get much attention.  Regardless, it's one of my favorites.

Two types of flowers fill the bed,  Lamb Ears in the front, Hollyhocks in the back.
It's the perfect combo.

Hollyhocks for some reason are the essence of country life to me.  Their simplicity and beauty always amazes me.
I look forward to visiting every year when they are in bloom.

The outbuilding that makes such a nice backdrop for the Hollyhocks is sadly not mom and dad's but the neighbors instead.  Inside the three sided structure is a vintage car that has been sitting their for as long as I can remember.

It's a Fleetmaster in a pretty shade of green.

Don't you just love all the details on vintage car's?

I hope one day this old beauty will be fixed up but until then I'll enjoy visiting her from time to time.

Talk to you soon,



  1. oh my goodness. that car is amazing!!

  2. Your photos are beautiful!!!!!!!! I ADORE hollyhocks!

  3. Holy moly those are some pretty pictures! I think you should frame the first one! Love the hollyhocks and the cool classic car!

  4. Gorgeous hollyhocks! I must add them to my cottage garden plan for summer 2014!

  5. Wow that is gorgeous. Hollyhocks and vintage car ROCKS! Should be a country song, don't you think? :-)

  6. I love hollyhocks too and have lots of them all over my garden. I just let them go wherever they want. Such a pretty, cottagey flower. Mimi

  7. LOVE the photos of the barn and the hollyhocks! That car is pretty great too :)

  8. GREAT photos of the barn and I LOVE hollyhocks! What a great old car-don't you LOVE the color? xo Diana

  9. The hollyhocks are beautiful! My mom always had them in the yard... brings back memories. :-)

  10. This post is pure eye candy, Robin...I think I need to plant hollyhocks!

  11. what beautiful pictures! great old car, too!

  12. it looks like you are growing figleaved hollyhocks ?


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