August 6, 2013

Simple and Fresh Kitchen Window Display

With the last days of summer upon us I'm all about keeping things simple and enjoy the little bit of time we have left before school starts again.

Decorating inside the house has been on hold for a couple months now with my focus more on the outside of my home.  For some reason, this morning I couldn't ignore my bare kitchen window for another second.

Needing something quick and easy, I gathered up a handful of new thrift store finds and houseplant from the other side of the kitchen.  Plopped them all down on the counter, moved things around a bit and walked away happy with the results.

I didn't feel like the grouping needed much more.

The simplicity of the arrangement and the individual pieces themselves are all so lovely.  Arranging just a few items this way is one of my favorite things to do in order to highlight items with a pretty shape or graceful curves.  It makes them pop out at you even in a busy room such as the kitchen.

Hope your all having a lovely day,



  1. The simple white display makes such a statement. I particularly love the edging on the white napkin. I have been doing some crocheted edgings and so that was what my eye went to first.

  2. That is simple, fresh and serene. Lovely- xo Diana

  3. Simplistic beauty! Perfect.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. Simple and pretty. The shapes and texture speak clearly. Lovely!

  5. So pretty!! So much beauty in the simplicity!
    Mary Alice

  6. Very pretty! I love your deep windowsills.

  7. Very pretty! Simple and white are two of my favourite things!

  8. The simplicity of the arrangement allow the beauty of the items to shine! The plant is so pretty! Is it baby tears?

  9. I agree...simple and beautiful with nothing else needed! I love all your white dishes and the way you arrange the simple things!!


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