August 5, 2013

Two Sides Of The Porch

On the back of our home we have a small deck and an enclosed glass porch.  Over the years the space as been used for a multitude of different activities.

  This summer it seems my husband and I have taken it over for our own personal use.  Rarely do the kids ever set foot out here, it may seem terrible to say this out-loud, but we're sort of loving it.  I'm sure come next summer it will all change but for now hubby and I are rolling with it.

Two zones have emerged on the smallish porch.  Her side, and His side.

His side is stark, functional, almost bare. . . and he loves it that way.

Her side is a comfy, pretty, almost overcrowded . . . and she loves it that way.

His side is used every morning.  

Hubby sits out here, drinking his coffee, reading through emails, and planning his days.  More often than not, working on his computer is how he ends the day also.

Her side of the porch doesn't see activity on such a strict schedule.  

Mostly it's used to catch a few moments to myself throughout the day and if I'm lucky once the sun goes down.  My favorite thing to do is light the candles, grab my kindle, open all the windows and listen to the night sounds as I read a book or play a game.  It does make a wonderful napping spot too on a cooler days or evenings.

When I first started decorating this space I knew I wanted to use as many vintage finds as I could.  Also, I wanted it to be color filled and cheerful.

The sofa was an early spring score that the local thrift store.  It's floral pattern is pretty, but a little too much for me so I covered it with a hot pink quilt to tone down it down a little.  A table runner placed over the back and two feed sack pillows added a little softness and gave me an opportunity to add some vintage elements.

I used a pretty, blue bench in front of the sofa to hold my candles and a few pretty items.  My favorite candle scent this summer is watermelon lemonade from Bath and Body Works.  

They smell amazing!  I need to stock up.

Underneath, a vintage Pepsi crate hold some fresh picked Hydrangea's.

To the side of the sofa, a wicker side table and a extra chair finished off the arrangement.

The chair is painted the prettiest shade of blue which I love.   A tiny pillow adds a little softness.

The wicker table holds  a cute twig basket and my current potted plant obsession - - pink geraniums.  The fan placed on the floor is a nice vintage touch also I think.

I have planters, and planters filled with pink geraniums this year in all different shades of pink.  This spring I rediscovered my love of these simple, pretty plants.   Hubby vetoed any such pretty plants on his side of the porch so instead I've tucked them wherever I thought they looked nice on both my side of the porch and the deck itself.  The geranium below sitting on the wicker table is potted in a simple plastic pot and placed on a vintage serving platter.  A quick and easy way to add another touch a vintage to the space.

On the other side of the porch I placed an over-sized plant holder from Home Goods filled with yet another pink geranium and a chicken statue.

Mrs. Chicken as been around here a long, long time and I still love her.  I think I picked it up at Target waayyy back when.  She looks cute keeping a careful eye on my flowers.

I have truly enjoyed the space I've carved out for myself.  However, I think the best feature of the space is it's view!  Being able to have a great view of my garden and the park beyond give me the sense that I'm in the country surround by wide open spaces.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour,


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  1. Fabulous porch, I love that it is glassed in. Your side is definitley my fav, I love all the floral and pretty. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a wonderful cozy area. I would be obsessed with that area. I love to read my kindle and with that view how wonderful to sit and get some work done. The best of both worlds...I love the way you have decorated your side. You know eventually all that beauty is going to touch his Blessings!

  3. Your porch looks like such a great spot to relax - I love the picture you painted of your early evening ritual :-)

  4. Great porch! Of course I like your side much better, but at least you have a side. Everything works so well together - very pretty.

    I can see why you like to sit out there.

  5. I love the feminine side of your porch - all my favourite colours.

  6. Love it Robin! So different and well used by both of you! Love the contrast of "his" and " hers"....enjoy your time spent reading out there. Such a great place to relax.

  7. I love your side, Robin. That hot pink on the sofa really sets it off. His side looks like amn's! xo Diana

  8. I love your porch, Robin; your side especially! :) All your details are so pretty, the little pillows and the little blue cute! I don't blame you, if I had a little cozy spot like that, I'd be there all the time!

    take care!

  9. Oh my, I had to laugh when I saw the differences between your side and his. What a pretty, cozy spot you've created! I'd love it out there too :)

  10. Oh Robin, I love what you did with that sofa! I could spend a lot of time on your pretty porch! And of course I would be on her side!

  11. Your porch is so charming, Robin...and with your lovely view, it would be the perfect place to relax!

  12. Hi, new to your blog. I found you via your article in Artful blogging. You have a nice place here! I love the his/her porch set-up. The view looks awesome, too.


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