September 30, 2013

A Vintage School Chair

Around here we look forward to Football Season all year long.

Every Sunday afternoon I host faithful group of Packer fans as we cheer on our team.  I never know how many people to expect, sometimes it's just our core group of ten, sometimes it's more.  However many show up it's always a good time even when the Packers aren't having an "A" game.

With so many people to accommodate  I'm always on the lookout for seating that is easy to move around.  A recent trip to the thrift store produce a fun addition in the form of a vintage school chair.

It's just the right size to tuck in between the sofa and the sliding glass door to the back yard. Yet still allows plenty of room to walk between the two.

Right way I thought it was perfect for the kids to use.  
The handy little table is perfect for game day snacks!  
What's football without snacks!

The chair is perfect in many, many ways.
I love the hand-painted number on the back.

A newly sewed ticking striped pillow adds a little softness and looks so pretty against the dark stained wood.

And of course underneath, I made good use of the shelf by adding a couple red vintage books.

So far, the chair has worked perfectly for us.  The kids love using.
I love how perfectly it gives the room a little unexpected vintage flare.

Hope you have a wonderful day,


  1. I have an old desk and chair on my blog today, but not near as cute as this one. Love it! Yea for football season!

  2. What a great find! Love the old wood and your hand painted number is a wonderful touch! It is terrific that besides looking cute it is useful too!

  3. Love your new find. They look like they are in good condition and the number is a great touch. Wonder who sat in #50.
    Good find - enjoy your Packers.

  4. it's lovely things like this that I miss about not having a house. Love the pillow

  5. Your school desk is wonderful and I love the pillow too. I was looking at your post before this one, and got a little bit jealous, i've been looking for vintage biscuit cutters, too. Those are fantastic, great find, congratulation :)

  6. Hi Robin, I love this chair and desk; I have an old antique one that I put old books on etc but haven't had anyone sit in it-it is too small for an adult. Love the pillow too-just the right touch. WE are really enjoying football season as well; I sit and stitch when the games are on. Have a great afternoon.

  7. What a great little chair! It's the perfect spot for the kids to enjoy a drink and a snack on game day :)

  8. I love this idea, Robin...and the number is so fun! It looks wonderful!

  9. Love your little school desk and your bedroom mantel shelf:) Pinning! I posted scrappy Fall banner to this week's parties. Swing by.


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