October 1, 2013

A Fall Look For The Kitchen Table

This past weekend I finally had a little time to start my fall decorating.  I decided the kitchen table was the best place to start since I spend so much time in there.  I'm hoping it will get me motivated to finish the rest of the house.

Armed with a handful of pumpkins and a few favorite items I got right to work.

Simplicity is the key for me this year I'm thinking.  
With that in mind, I didn't want to over do things. 

Instead, I focused on what I had on hand and what symbolizes fall the most to me.

It's all about the pumpkins!

To help the look along, I gather up a few of my current favorite items like the small cutting board and the pretty new-to-me table runner with gorgeous detailing.

And since fall is all about feeling warm and cozy, I added two small candles in my favorite fall scent to add a little coziness once the sun goes down.

Have you been by Bath and Body Works to check out their fall candles?  They have some amazing ones this year if your looking for something new.  My fav is the one called "Leaves" that you see here.  It's a light spicy mix with a hint of apple and maybe vanilla.  It's hard to explain, but rest assured it smells amazing!

On a side note, you may notice I have their mini sized candle.  I have found that I prefer the two smaller sized candles they sell better than the large sized ones.  The candles last so long I have a hard time sticking to one scent long enough to use it all up before I'm ready for something new.  Now I buy the smaller versions to give myself more options.  Plus they work wonderful to place into lanterns and glass jars without having a hot mess to deal with.

Back to the subject at hand . . . 
I'm happy with my quick decorating attempts for fall.

I think it looks lovely and it definitely simple - hopefully not boring.

It makes me smile, which must mean my work here is done, haha

Have a great day,


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  1. I think using the cutting board is perfect...

  2. Very pretty, Robin! Love the simplicity!

  3. It is so pretty...I love pumpkins...
    decoration is pure...
    now, I am doing on my centerpiece...like your http://robin-happyathome.blogspot.sk/2012/09/diy-rustic-farmhouse-centerpiece.html perfekt idea...I like it
    I promote it soon...
    sorry of my English

  4. It looks lovely, simple and sweet and NOT boring at all. I love it. I have to get to Bath & Body works to check out their scents. They had a Christmas one last year that I liked better than anything I had ever burned. I think it was Cloves? Have a great 1st day of October. xo Diana

  5. I love what you've done on your table, it say "fall" very clearly. You do simply very well, I admire your style very much. I am going to see if we have "Leaves" in our b & b store. I love their candles.

  6. I love your simple display as well! I think I may start looking for cutting boards in my journeys now! Thanks for the tip on the candles .... I like variety too and smaller means more ! Always look forward to what you have to share! Take care. From the country... Dawna

    1. I have to admit I've gone a little cutting board crazy of late. I have to tell myself to only look for ones with unique shapes now. LOL.

  7. That is simply beautiful, Robin...the runner is so wonderful...it all just makes me smile...

  8. Quick, natural and simple. I am one that likes symmetry, too. Love little scented candles.

  9. This looks great Robin! I love a simple design, very pretty!

  10. only one thing: I LoVE IT!! I think , like you, the semplicity is the key of decoration for all season!Yours photos transmit to me a lot of emozions and inspire me!!
    Thanks for stopping by me! makes me very happy!


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