October 4, 2013

Fun Finds: Vintage Kitchen Chair

I am such a sucker for vintage chairs.  I've been finding quite a few lately.

Here's the latest.

The red and black plaid vinyl had me chanting Yes! Yes! Yes! right in the store aisle. 

The back even has some fun detailing too!

Sadly, there was only one lonely chair.  
I think it will fit right in with my other mismatched chairs in the kitchen eating area.

Have you found any lonely chairs lately to bring home?



  1. I am a chair lover as well! When we first moved into this home my nephew wondered why we had so many chairs! Enjoy your lovely find!

  2. That's a great chair!!!!
    I cringe at the things I threw out ..... finding them now would be a score!!!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh I see some, not as pretty as that....but my hubby pulls me away and says no more chairs, no more lamps!! He can be a bummer sometimes!!!

  4. ha! You found a great chair too! I LOVE it! I love plaid, and have never seen anything like it! That will look super cute year round, but especially during the holidays. :)

  5. Awesome chair! I haven't found a great chair in a while (not that I need yet another chair), but I would have grabbed that one up also!

  6. OH I love that plaid...the chair was a wonderful find, Robin!

  7. Oh man...I love chairs too...and these are so special!!!


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