October 15, 2013

Rainbow Loom Craze

I'm not sure if this is just a Minnesota thing right now, but my girls have gone completely crazy over the Rainbow Loom.  

We picked it up at Micheal's just last week and they still haven't come up for air yet.  Just a hurried blur of bracelet  making - - and trips to the store for more rubber bands.

Apparently, it's Big Time Stuff in Elementary and Middle school's around here.

The loom makes simple bracelets out of tiny rubber bands. 

I'm sport'n a red and white version my third grader made for me.

Boy! Do I feel hip!

But then you can get super crazy and make the ones like my eighth grader is doing which she learned how to do on YouTube.  Sort of cool right?

The more the better - - I'm told. 

Gives me flashbacks to Middle School and friendship bracelet making.  

Back when we would proudly wear our current projects safety-pinned to our rolled up Guess jeans as we walked down the halls so everyone would know we were cool.

Did you do that too?  
Hmmm, maybe it was a Wisconsin thing.

Any Whoo, I was just wondering if any of your kiddos were caught up in this frenzied rubber band bracelet making too!



  1. This is such a fun hobby! I was recently reading about the family that started this...an American success story! The creations are beautiful! And I was of the age where we made love beads in the 60's...

  2. I have all boys who are grown now but my sister has 2 girls who love to craft so I'm going to ask her if she's ever heard of this! Her girls would love it and are the perfect age for it:) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment:)

  3. No Robin, it's a California thing as well :)
    As for your red an white one , yes it looks real hip, especially blended with ones tennis bracelets and silver or gold bangles and a mix of leather, sooooo bo-ho chic :)
    My daughter is in college but I bet she would like one of these for her birthday on Thursday, I can get her to make me a grey and white one ! Lol

    Thank you Robin for taking time to visit me and my grey fall.

    See you soon and what ever is next in the hot craze of crafting over here :)



  4. I haven`t seen theese here, but I`m sure it will be hot here too.

    Thank you so much for visiting.

    Hugs from here

  5. I HAVE to get one of these for my granddaughters. They are all crafty and would love this. xo Diana

  6. HA! Yes it is popular here too! I just bought my daughter this after her last report card.She loves making these...now I need more bands..LOL!

  7. Kudos for the reference to friendship bracelets in middle school, and pinning them to our rolled-up Guess jeans... YES! Those were the days!

  8. It is crazy down here in Texas too. I have several that my little friends at school have made for me.


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