October 16, 2013

The Dinning Rooms Autumn Look

My final bit of autumn decorating took place in the Dinning Room.

I wanted a centerpiece that was simple and easy to move out of the way because truthfully more often than not the table is filled with half finished projects and homework!

I thought a simple bucket filled with pretty mums and a few pumpkins would do the trick.   I reused a ruffled drop cloth table runner that has become a favorite of mine and a small footed cutting board that I made a while back to add just a little extra touch of texture.

On the shelf behind the table a mixture of candles, silver and pumpkins tie in with the hutch around the corner.  Even tried my hand at drawing a pumpkin on the chalk board - funny right, my drawing skills are not so great.

I'm loving the simplicity and the way the silver glows in the afternoon sunlight.

The small desk off to the side of table received a little attention too.

I flipped the wooden crate upside down to use as a platform for a display. The arrangement looks more balanced with the height from the lamp on the other side of the desk this way which I liked.

The lantern is one I've had for years but I find is still a favorite.  I think it looks great with the books and the painted pumpkin.

With this room completed and can officially say I'm done with my Autumn decorating. Yipppeee!

How about you?


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  1. I love your simple touches. Beautiful!!!

  2. Oh, I LOVE all of this!! The bucket of mums, the overturned crate and the pumpkin drawn on the chalkboard-perfect!! :)

  3. I love it! Simple and perfect!

  4. Your displays are always right up my alley! I think we have alot of the same taste and enjoy the same kind of simple country accessories. I love your bright pot of mums and the simple bucket you have put them in! Great job again!!

  5. Good morning - I am new to your blog. I love your touches of Fall in your home. I look forward to following you. Love the pumpkin you drew...adorable touch!

    Have a blessed day,
    Sherri Smith

  6. pretty and simple, just like your living Room Robin!

  7. OH, I love this...I so love the look of the mums in the old bucket...everything is just beautiful, Robin!

  8. love the bucket of flowers, and your cute pumpkin chalkboard, robin:) it all looks so pretty!

  9. I love the center piece! It looks so great!


  10. Wish I could pop in to enjoy the warmth and beauty in your dining room! I love the simplicity of your centerpiece, yet the bright colors of the mums make such a nice statement. Your mantel display is lovely with your use of the silver pieces. Love the pumpkin you drew!!
    Mary Alice

  11. Sweet and simple are always the best way to go, Robin! Love what you did throughout your sweet home. :) And believe me...your chalkboard pumpkin is waaay better than I could draw! lol

    xoxo laurie


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