January 22, 2014

A Hankering for . . . Crochet

Do you know how to crochet?

I'm slowly learning how, one tiny project at time.

I enjoy it so much I hardly can wait until I am more accomplished at it in order to tackle some of the wonderful project I've been pinning lately.

Here are just some of projects I've been drooling over lately . . . 

Lacy crochet only single and double crochet!!!

free lacy scalloped crochet boot cuff pattern

A much prettier, modern color pallet for the traditional "granny square" blanket

Coco Rose Diaries: Serendipity (link to free pattern on blog)

Baby blanket

Buttons and bobbins: Free Pattern Fortnightly: Seven crochet edgings

'perfect crochet heart' pattern

round crochet cushion
Source Unknown

Free pattern for layered-petals crochet flower @ Skip to my Lou

Crochet carpet. Free pattern.

"I joined them with single crochet, which I learned while watching this Video Tutorial"

What do you think?

Are you hankering to start one too!



  1. We have a long road trip tomorrow and I might just take along my crochet hooks and yarn. Some of those sweet little hearts might make a fun garland for my ladder.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Belle!Adoro tanto la prima coperta in rosa!Rosetta

  3. Good Morning Robin, may I join your drooling party, these are all so pretty. Isn't it wonderful to be learning a new skill :)
    Have a lovely day. (If you haven't join my Give-A-Way, please be sure to come visit and get your name in the hat )
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. I tried to learn to crochet last year with a Crafty class - I think my brain might be too tired to learn anything completely new because it was a no go. But I love the crochet look, the items you pinned are so pretty. I'll just enjoy seeing what you make :)

  5. I use to be able to do a single stitch, but couldn't recall that now. That was way before the crochet craze. Lovely images!

  6. Yes, I do crochet, a little. I've made a few afghans and a few of the hearts shown above (so cute on little headbands for kiddos), but my mother is the official Queen of Crochet. She's amazing, and so is my twin sister. I just call it like I see it.

    I'm sure you will be whirling a needle like a pro in no time at all.

  7. Beautiful post.
    Cotton crochet is my #1 favorite top fabric, mostly in palest ecru. Cotton is easy to remove the color (if possible). At yard sales and thrifts, cotton crochet is where I look first. Strange as it may be, I've never tried to make one. I crochet with big hooks and thick yarn. Last night I tossed a catalog picture I was thinking about making because the pattern looks easy to figure out. I read your post today, and think maybe looking online for easy pattern instructions is meant to be.

  8. You're inspiring me to get out my hooks and see if I can manage to make those hearts. They can't be that hard, so right up my alley. Did you see the arm knitting that people are doing now? I want to try that too. That might be a fun thing to do with the girls. They say you can "knit" one of those infinity scarfs in about twenty minutes.

  9. I'd love to learn, I sure wish I would have let my mom show me, talk about Queen of Crochet, she even made a bedspread. Walmart has a small kit that you can buy for $10.00, I may pick that up. Those little hearts are adorable and I love the boot cuffs.

  10. Gorgeous inspiration photos, Robin! I crocheted a lot years ago...I bought hooks and yarn to get started again...

  11. I love to crochet. I do it every evening in front of the tv to end my day. It relieves all the stresses of my day and leaves me with a feeling of happiness and accomplishment.
    Good luck on your journey and those circle of flowers on the afghans make me swoon.


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