January 23, 2014

Paper Crafts: Flowers and Feathers

I don't know about you, but my Pinterest Boards are filling up faster than I can do anything about them.

This past weekend I thought it was high time to tackle a few projects I had been wanting to try my hand at for while.

The first project I tackled was making paper flowers.

They turned out being much more easy to make than I thought they would be.

I had so much fun making them, I even tried them in a few different sizes.  

I've scattered them around the house, adding them to different displays for a little something extra.

In case you'd like to make your own,  I followed the directions from HERE.

Paper feather making was the second thing I tried.

Another quick and easy craft that adds an extra special touch to my displays.  
I love it.

To make your own feathers, follow the instructions and use the template HERE.

Happy Crafting



  1. Love the flowers and the feathers. Great crafting!!

  2. I am pinning this so I will make some paper flowers too.

    I am leaving on vacation in a few hours and just packed red and white crochet threads to make some little hearts as we drive, and drive, and drive.

  3. Oh these are both so pretty. I love them. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh, soo cute!! I especially love those feathers! Great job :)

  5. Both of your projects turned out great...thanks for sharing the links! Stay warm!

  6. Cute, really like the style of the flowers!

  7. How wonderful that you have time for sweet little projects like these. The flowers are adorable, and I love the feathers. I am going over to look at them!

  8. Cute, cute, cute!! I love crafts that use book pages.

  9. Two great crafts. I love those feathers. My pin boards are so full of good intentions. So smart of you to actually try some of the things you've pinned. Thank you for sharing these. I'm going to check out the directions to see if I think I'll find them as easy as you did. laurie

  10. I forgot to tell you that I love the silver piece your feathers are in.

  11. Lovely...I've made some of those flowers too. Fun :)


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