January 20, 2014

Baby's Breath

Good Morning!

This past weekend our local grocery store had a sale on flowers.

As I stood in the store contemplating the cheerful looking tulips,
and sniffing the rainbow of carnations on display. . . 

the lowly Baby's Breath kept drawing my attention.

So I circle the florist department . . .around and around I went . . .  looking at every cut flower and plant on display.

And still, the Baby's Breath called out to me.  

Feeling slightly bummed that I couldn't find anything more colorful or exciting to interest me I picked up one bunch of Baby's Breath then scurried off to find the rest of the items on my list.

By the time I made it back home I was feeling a little bit better about my decision.  

By the time I had divided up the single clump of Baby's Breath into three different container I was very much enjoying my choice.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed these simple, unobtrusive flowers.

Plus they will look amazing for weeks and weeks before I will let them dry to be added to a small handful I have already.

What a wonderful, useful flower they are.

And pretty too!

Speaking of pretty . . . 

The flower filled pitcher I placed in my kitchen window was set on top of a gorgeous handmade doily my college friend Cathy sent me just last week.

Isn't it just lovely!  
Cathy's talent has me in awe.  She acts as if it's no big thing but seriously, I wouldn't even know where to begin making something so beautiful.

I thought it was the perfect accent for the simple pitcher of flowers, you know, to jazz it up a little.  I'm loving the look . . . thanks Cathy!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day,

Bye now,


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  1. Very pretty...you cant go wrong with white can you......I take ages to choose flowers too....too much choice !! X

  2. name of this flower in our country...Slovakia...is "bridal veil"...
    perfekt choice...jana


  4. So pretty and the white on white is perfect :)

  5. So VERY pretty! What a great choice you made :)

  6. I love babys breath, it is so delicate and so pretty. Great choice and love your displays. Hugs, marty

  7. So pretty...the baby's breath looks perfectly delicate...and the doily your friend made is beautiful!

  8. The baby's breath is very pretty, love the paper flowers too!!

  9. So pretty Robin, glad you picked them because it gave me a reason to pin!!

  10. Very pretty...like jane33's name for them" bridal veil", fresh to dried they keep on giving! The crochet doily is exquisite!!!

  11. I have ALWAYS loved baby's breath. I know it goes in and out of "favor" but I have always loved it. They are simple and sweet flowers. xo Diana

  12. I love decorating with baby's breath. I just added some tumbleweed to a can on the porch, but I couldn't bear to part with the baby's breath that had dried up in the can. I put in on the potting bench just in case I want to use it somewhere.

    Your baby's breath looks lovely.

  13. The crocheted doily is very beautiful and your babies breath in the pretty pitcher is lovely. You knew what you liked and I'm glad you went with it. Sometimes I second guess myself only to regret it later. Your first photo is gorgeous!!


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