January 16, 2014

Rolled Paper Wreath

Ever so slowly, and in no particular hurry I'm adding accessories back into my home after stripping it bare while taking down my holiday decorations.

Not sure why it seems to be taking so long.  Maybe I'm secretly enjoying the open, bare space.  I'm pretty sure it has more to do with the fact that I don't know what to do.  I struggle this time of year.  Anyone else this way too?

I did manage a little inspiration for the small shelf hanging in the Dinning Room.  I knew I wanted something very simple, almost stark, but yet interesting at the same time.

This is what I came up with.

I kept to a silver, black and white color palette and I'm loving the results. 
I'm enjoying the simplicity and charm of it.  

I can't seem to use chalkboards in the traditional way. 

I think they look so much better as a background for items like this wreath.

It makes them pop out at you, which I love.

Originally I make the wreath to hang down from some jute string over the edge of the frame but with such a chunky frame the wreath didn't want to lay right so I cut off the string and stuck the wreath directly to the chalkboard with some masking tape.

I think it works.

Don't you just love the wreath?  It was really easy to make.   Here's how.

You'll Need. . . .

book pages
glue gun and glue sticks
small scrap of cardboard
(I used a cereal box)

The first step it to prepare a handful of paper rolls.  You'll need two different sizes.
To make the larger size, first take book page and cut the top and bottom margin off.

Next, fold over a small section from the top of the page and start rolling the paper.

Keep rolling, nice and tightly until you almost reach the end.
Add some glue along the bottom edge of the page  . . . .

Then continue rolling the page up right into the glue until the seam is on the bottom.  
Let the glue set for a little while and you will have this . . . .

Your first rolled page!

Make a handful of them.

To make the smaller sized roll, once again take a page and cut the top and bottom margins off.  Then cut the page into two pieces.

Roll each piece just like you did for the larger sized rolled page.

Make a handful of these also.  One tip while rolling your pages is try to roll each page to that when your done most of your page rolls are of the same size or width.  This will come in handy later.

The next step is to angle the edges of the rolled pages.
Gather all you larger sized page rolls.

Below you can see I drew a cutting line starting from the front and angling upward and back towards the seam.

Simply cut along this line.

Flip the paper roll over, and do the same thing on the other side.  Make sure your points match up on the seam side of the roll.

It should look like this.

This first cut roll will be used as a guide for the remainder of the page rolls you have prepared.

Now cut the rest of the large sized paper rolls to match the length of the first on you cut.

Simply cut one edge, then lay it down on your work surface alongside your first cut page to determine where you should begin your next cut.  If you look closely below, there is a small pencil mark after the work "Taft", this is where I will start my angled cut.

When your done cutting all the large paper rolls to the correct length.  Start on the smaller sized ones.  Only this time make your guide slightly smaller by about a half inch.

Once all the paper rolled have been cut to size you'll be able to start gluing the wreath together.

Take one large sized paper roll and two small.  Together these three will make a section.

Starting with your largest paper roll, add a little glue to side down by the point.

Below you can see a pencil line on the top roll.  This is where you will want to place the glue.

Then taking one of the small rolled pages, place and hold it next to the large rolled page until the glue firms up. . . 

When gluing make sure only the points touch each other.
It's good to have one hand holding the rolls apart on one end and the other hand holding the rolls together on the other until the glue firms up.  This gives you the space between the two rolls on one end that you want. 

To finish the section, take your final small sized paper roll and glue to the last one you attached. 

Continue adding sections together until you've made a circle.  At the very end, glue your last section to the first section you make and your wreath is complete.  It should look like the one below.

Once I had the wreath made I didn't like how flimsy it seems so I took a piece of cardboard and cut out a circle shape.

Trim the circle until you can place it behind the wreath without any of it showing through on the front side.

Then glue to the back side like below.

Add some string or ribbon if  you plan to hang it and your done!

Cute right!

Hope you have a wonderful day,

see ya later,


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  1. I really like your wreath! I think it looks great on the chalkboard too! Thanks so much for sharing,


  2. Very cute, love these book page crafts - and it does look great on the chalkboard. I'm really liking the simple look right now too, your mantel is perfect

  3. Thank you for the very nice tutorial.
    Your inspiring wreath looks great.

    1. Why thank you! I really like how it turned out myself. Have a wonderful day. Robin

  4. After all the "extras & replacements" we bring for the holidays it's nice to have a bit of a pared down look to begin the New Year with. Your right, the chalk board makes a great back drop for the wreath...great tutorial.

  5. Robin I love this! I have learned so much from you,Like using the sheet music on a table like a doily and so on. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us so our homes can be as lovely as yours!
    hugs from here...

  6. How fun! I love that paper wreath on your chalk board!

  7. Your wreath is so pretty, Robin! I love how you backed it with a chalkboard! Your decorating is beautiful...I actually am really enjoying some bareness around here right now, too...

  8. I'm catching up:
    Love your new puppy, Shelby! She looks like a jack russell terrier!
    I was a beauty consultant at Ulta when they first came to MN!! (1992) SO, I LOVE MAKE UP TOO!!! :)
    The chalkboard frame for the wreath looks awesome!
    Keep Warm and give that little Shelby a puppy kiss from me.

  9. That is really, really cute, Robin. I love the chalkboard background for it. II love the rolled papers and it makes a great wreath. I like it a lot- xo Diana

  10. what a simple project
    for making some very pretty graphic art!

    would love for you to share
    at Fridays Unfolded!


  11. That is such a cute wreath! I've never seen one like that before. I've seen the larger fuller book page wreaths but yours it so petite and sweet. I like it hanging against the black chalkboard.

  12. That turned out so beautifully. Your pictures look as though they have come right out of a magazine.

  13. That is the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time! You are so talented, Robin! And yes, putting it on the chalkboard is brilliant! It really pops, doesn't it. I do struggle at this time of year wondering how to decorate, but I just throw in lots of colour and I'm happy. Me and my colour!! :)

  14. Love it, Robin! Thanks for the great tutorial.


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