January 24, 2014

Fun Finds

Today I have a few new items to show you from my weekly treasure hunting trips.

First off are these two white pitchers.

I always get excited when I find white pitchers and I'm sure most of you are the same way.
The petite size of these two had me very excited.

The next thing I found was a trio of well used croquet balls.  
Can't wait to use them in my decor this summer.

And finally, I picked up this wood tray!

It's sort of wonky in shape but it reminds me of a dough bowl a little.

I figure I'll be able to find somewhere to use it to add a little touch of natural wood to my decor.

How about you?

Any fun finds?



  1. Not this week.. not as yet anyway. I am trying to get myself motivated this morning, feels like I am fighting a loosing battle. Was planning dome thrusting today. we'll see.
    You got some lucky finds... I especially luv the 2 little white pitchers.
    Happy today!

  2. Great finds! You'll have fun decorating with them! I haven't been out thrifting since before Christmas, hopefully next week...I am in serious withdrawal lol!

  3. Great finds! I love when you wonderful bloggers post your treasures and goodies that you score :)

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. I haven't been junken for so long because of this weather we have been having here in Pa. I love the pitchers and especially the wood tray!

  5. I love that long bowl, even if it is a little wonky! Of course white pitchers are always a hit with me too! Great finds , have a wonderful week end!

  6. Love the pitcher, they are fabulous and I adore the bowl too. Super finds. Hugs, Marty

  7. Love those pitchers, such beautiful shapes, especially the one on the right! And I love that wooden bowl, fantastic find! We haven't been out thrifting at all this week, snowy/icy/brrrr cold! But it's okay because I get to thrift vicariously through you :)

  8. I've been junking a wee bit, need to do a quick post. I not only collect croquet balls, but the mallets, and carrying stands. The grand kids actually use some of them. Very nice bowl, great find for your "Nordic look"...it sort of does look like a dough bowl. Been seeing more and more of natural wood pieces show up in decor.

  9. Oh how funny! I happened to stop by your blog for the first time today and laughed. I have (only 1 red) croquet ball and it is in a wooden tray (with some other red/tan balls) just like yours, wonky and all! I thought I had accidently jumped to my own living room :) Have a super day!

  10. Robin,
    I always love the white iron stone pitchers and you found some pretty ones. Your wooden tray is awesome too. Great treasures you found.

  11. Those are wonderful finds... I always love finding pitchers too....but, that old wooden bowl...great! It has been way to cold to be out and about around here.. lots of the little thrifts and antique shops have been closed due to the weather... Love all your finds and you always display them wonderfully... Blessings!

  12. That dough bowl is thin enough it might even work on a wall. Not saying it should go there. Just occurred to me. I love your new stuff. That little white pitcher with all the curves sure is cute.

  13. Those beautiful pitchers were an awesome find indeed! The dough bowl is so prim, love it!



  14. Yup, found a bag of cue balls at a thrift. Can't wait to put them in a jar! Love your croquet balls in the bread bowl. I have two that I found about a year ago at a thrift also. Love them! Your pitchers are fabulous! I rarely run across white, but nab them when I do. Great finds!

  15. Oh my, I love those beautiful pitchers... awesome finds! I especially love the smaller one with curvy lines. The white baby's breath looks so pretty in the pitcher! l am also loving your cute dough bowl...I can see many vignettes with it:) Thanks for sharing your beautiful finds with us! Happy Sunday! Hugs, Poppy

  16. Oh, what fun finds!

    I have my croquet balls from my childhood on display in a tray.

    I love that white pitcher in the first photo.

  17. Fabulous finds! I adore those croquet balls, I always have an eye out for those and anything else vintage and colourful. The dough bowl is great as well as the sweet pitchers.

  18. Exactly what I was thinking--it reminds me of the dough bowls we used to have as a kid in VT. I had mine for years and when we downsized I got rid of it which was one huge huge mistake on my part. I make bread a lot now and which I had it!

  19. Ps I may look for one; thanks for the reminder!


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