January 31, 2014

Fun Finds

I have no idea where this week went!

However, I do know it's Friday and time to show off some fun finds!

It's a good thing I did a little shopping last Saturday so I'd have something to share today . . . no way would I have had time to find anything with the day's flying by so fast. LOL.

Let's get to it . . . 

First off, I was able to find two new pressed glass, footed dessert cups.  They match perfectly two I already have.  

I was so excited.

When not being used for a tasty dessert, I love using them for tea lights.  
They give off a pretty, sparkling glow.

I also found two small chalkboards.

The kids have been loving them, 
I guess I'll have to sneak off with them when I want to use them for displays.

 Had to make a deal with one of the kiddos just to take a pitcher of the small one.  
I got a photo out of the deal, but now I'm out of dishwasher for this evening!

And finally, I picked up two forest prints.  

My family thinks they look sort of cheesy, and they do I admit, but something about them just draws me in.  At the store, I debated about them for a long time . . . in the end I just couldn't bare letting them go.

How about you?  Any great finds this week?



  1. I don't think the forest prints are cheesy at all, in fact I really love the one with the deer. Great chalkboards too! I'm sure you'll find lots of uses for those in your photos.

    How did you like all the snow yesterday? Me…not so much :)

  2. Love your pressed glass dessert/tea light cups...I passed up four the other day (had to decide if I really needed them), when I went back over to get them they were gone!!! I love your tea light idea. Your pictures are great also, these were a decor staple back in the 50's and 60's. Look as if they still have there original frames~~~

  3. Hey, I love those ole forest prints---matter of fact I purchased 2 pictures from ebay this past month that are similar. They give me warm homey old timey feelings. I happen to love chalkboards and have 2 hanging on my walls. The glass dessert cups are so much fun, too! Great idea for tea lights .

  4. I adore the forest prints!! The chalk boards are a lucky find. They are so hot right now. I love the dessert cups as votives...very pretty!

  5. The dessert cups are one of my collected designs. Wexford glass/Wexford crystal ( the pattern is called by both) They are so pretty aren't they.
    The little chalk boards are adorable as well.
    Happy Friday Robin.

    1. Thank you, it's so fun to now be able to give them a name, Wexford Crystal sounds so fancy! Thank!

  6. Great finds, Robin! Kids always think chalkboards are fun finds, too!

  7. You really found some great treasures - I always love the hunt and sometimes you really find something that is terrific.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Hello Robin :)
    How fun! I also did find a small chalkboard today and its on my todays post...I wrote "GOD HELG" thats meen Happy Weekend:)) So Happy weekend to you and your family :)


    1. Have to say I just love the little footed dessert cups....CUTE !!! :)

    2. Happy Weekend to you also! I don't know about you but after this busy week I am looking forward to snuggling in and perhaps working on a few sewing projects! hugs, Robin

  9. I kinda like the forest scenes ... :-)
    I didn't have any "finds" this week .... too cold to go out!

    Happy Weekend
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  10. Robin great finds! Unrelated question: If you made the red and white quilt on your bed, did you use a pattern, if so where can I find it? Thanks!!!

  11. I received a set of 8 of those glass dishes for a wedding present nearly 43 years ago. I have no idea what every happened to them, but I do recall that they were a gift from my best friend's mother. JL is still one of my dearest friends - for 54 years and was one of my bridesmaids. Seeing those dishes on your post brought a flood of wonderful memories.

  12. I love the forest prints. I bought an old poster the other day that was glued to cardboard that said Norway across the top. It's of a boat in the water with mountains. It just spoke to me and I though heck I will put it in my workshop :) Whatever floats your boat, tehe.

  13. Love all your finds especially the forest prints! Beautiful! I have had luck lately too and will eventually share on my blog. :-)

  14. I like all your finds too, especially the forest prints. I love the deer in one of them, they are both great though!

  15. I love the forest prints and I haven't been to the GW store in months the weather just hasn't been good to go thrifting.


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