January 28, 2014

A Fresh New Plaid Tablecloth

I am so excited to show off my latest sewing project.

A few days ago I finished sewing a new tablecloth for the dinning room table and I couldn't be more excited.

You see, I have been obsessing over this photo for months.

gingham tablecloth with lace overlay

Isn't it fabulous!

I instantly fell for the over-sized gingham print with it's ruffled edges.  And as if that wasn't enough, layering the pretty lace over the top had me swooning!

Ever since being inspired, I have been looking high and low for reasonably priced fabric so I could recreate the look.

I had just about given up my quest until a thrift store miracle occurred. 

I was glancing through the bedding section of the store and happened to find a red plaid, flat sheet.  It was super soft, thick cotton and I knew it would work perfectly for a tablecloth.  Plus with a price tag labeled three dollars,  no way was I passing it up.

I cut the sheet to the size I wanted and used the leftovers to create an easy pinch pleat for the bottom. 

I love how it turned out.

I am still looking for a lace panel to go over the top.

In the meantime, I layer a pretty table runner from my stash in the middle of the table.

I think the pretty hand stitching and delicate edging looks amazing against the bold checks of the tablecloth.

On top of the runner, I placed a distressed beadboard box I built  filled with fake flowers as a centerpiece.

I would have loved to fill the box with hydrangea's but they are so expensive this time of the year.

I looked for something else to use instead at my local grocery store but all their flowers were in a sorry state.

For now, the fake flowers give me the look I wanted and keep me happy.

The overall look is very cottage / farmhouse looking to me and I am loving it.

Bye now,


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  1. Love your red plaid tablecloth! How pretty and such a break from all of the snow pics! Really pretty!


  2. The sheet was a great find, Robin...and perfect for your tablecloth! You did a wonderful job! So pretty!

  3. What a lovely tablecloth! I also like the centerpiece. And, I'm with 20 North Ora, nice change from winter weather pics! ~ Donna E.

  4. What a lovely tablecloth! I also like the centerpiece. And, I'm with 20 North Ora, nice change from winter weather pics! ~ Donna E.

  5. Robin, congratulation.. Good job. And do not worry about fake flowers... They look like real... And what about drying flowers?

    On my blog, i will promte drying hydrangea and paeony from my garden...maybe today
    Sorry ... My english is not good...jana

  6. What a cherry looking table! I like your center piece and pretty runner on the table, it will do nicely until you find your lace topper.

  7. Robin Brava! Your ideas are always inspiring!!Come on, sit down and we'll get a coffee? ^_^ .. Have a nice day!


  8. I love how you make red look so wonderful!! You did a great job on that country tablecloth!

  9. Your tablecloth is beautiful! I love the way you made the pinch pleat ruffle too. You are very clever!! The runner and box with flowers are gorgeous and I adore the red bench! Your dining room is definitely cottage/farmhouse!!!

  10. Robin, you are too much! Great find at the thrift store, couldn't be better, and I knew when I saw your post title there was going to be some red in it :) You did a beautiful, perfect job on the pleats. You are amazing. Oh remember I said I hadn't been thrift shopping recently - well you inspired me (again and again!) and I dropped in to Hope Thrift the other day and found the most beautiful cookie tin with the see-thru lid, but on the lid is a cardinal and seeing thru to the inside is wording and design - it's so beautiful and $1.50 (it was a Michael's purchase originally). My mom loved "red birds" so much and anytime I can find one now, it makes me happy. Reading your blog makes me happy, too!

  11. Absolutely perfect- of course I love red.

    I have about 5 different tablecloths I made from bedsheets. Their size is perfect for a tablecloth.

    Your centerpiece is lovely also.

  12. It never occurred to me to use bedding for a table cloth! Yay! Thanks so much for sharing your idea, and I'm in love with the whole look!

  13. Perfect! I love the pleated ruffle you added to the edge of your tablecloth!

  14. Wonderful Robin! I love the pinch pleated ruffle for a change. I have a lace tablecloth my hubby brought me from Panama. Now I just need the plaid find. Great bargain I might add! I'd love if you shared this at my link party going on now. Share Your Cup Thursday. It's about sharing the things that make you happy.

  15. Hi Robin, thank you so very much for taking the time to visit my place and leaving a comment that joys my heart :)
    Blogging with such beautiful bloggers is what excites the reason we love it so, and then there are our talented sewing bloggers like you that never give up until they have reproduced what makes their heart sing, In turn making ours sing.

    As for you inspiration table cloth it's a perfect match to the sourced photo, but yours my dear is that much more better. The fact that you found a sheet, to then turn it into a cloth of beauty, at its best price make this table spread that much more beautiful. As for the ruffled hem on the inspiration one it's great, charming and all but, for you to have gone that extra mile making all those small kick pleat's wow me that much more. Those pleats are one of my favorite looks for trims, I dislike ironing them but sure do like the finished look.

    There is just something so country farmhouse about buffalo checked prints, pleats or ruffles, or just plain clean turned hems that says farmhouse prairie in style, yet also works into a French country look I often ease into with my look. Love your cloth the best Robin. And I can wait to see what you find next, perhaps a armoire, china cabinet, or an open bookcase that you can paint white and display some white ironstone ware in it.

    Thank you robin for a little inspiration, infact Fifi O'neills new book Prairie Style Weddings is due out spring, and having been on a shoot with her in Santa Barbara Ca. She used just that on one of the shoots, paisley s, large checked in red, black, and green print cloths for a French prairie style wedding and it was divine. This book will not only feel wedding ish, but home and entertaining style. It will be a perfect coffee table book for all to share in its creative beauty wedding planning or just want to be inspired by the art of salvage designs.

    Thank you Robin, for this beautiful share.
    A beautiful weekend to you and all it will inspire.


  16. I love this too and I love plaids and red........however I would love those flannel sheets on my bed---they would make me very happy!!

  17. So adorable, Robin! I love the whole look. Your centerpiece with the flowers and pretty table runner look so pretty with your tablecloth!

  18. You can sew Girl! Love the pleats you added on the end and the fabric is perfect for Valentine or Christmas!

  19. Oh that's awesome for February! So cute.


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