January 14, 2014

New Makeup: Urban Decay 3 and a round-up

I am so excited to share this post with you today.  

I will warn you though. . . I'm talking makeup . . .  so if your not a makeup geek like myself you may just want to skip this post so I won't bore you.  LOL.

Now I know I don't normally talk makeup and fashion on this blog but sometimes you just have to mix it up a little.  And when a product like this comes up I just can't help but show it off.

May I please introduce to you the latest and greatest from Urban Decay . . . 

the Naked 3 Palette!

 Did you just get chills?

I did!

For those of you who don't know about Urban Decay products, I will get into explaining it little later in this post.  

For those of you who know all about it look, oh look at theses GORGEOUS COLORS!

I had this little gem waiting under the Christmas tree for me and was totally shocked.  I had no idea hubby would even try to get his hands on one but I am so glad he did.  I have been playing with it almost daily since I unwrapped it and I have to say it's a keeper.

This palette has a good mixture of matte, simmer and glitter shadows that makes it easy to find something you like.  Plus it lets you play a little out of your comfort zone to experiment with different looks.

For those of you who are asking yourselves "Why is this crazy lady so excited about that?"

Let me explain.

It all started about five years ago when I discovered makeup tutorials on YouTube.  I was blown away with the pretty looks people came up with and started trying to duplicate them at home.  I learned so much about makeup, how to apply it and what and where to purchase it.  From that point on I was transformed into a makeup geek and I was loving every second of it.

Back then everyone talked about MAC products.  It seemed everyone was using MAC.  So of course, I bought a few items and realized how much better it was than drugstore products.  It looked better on, felt better and the colors were more intense.  So I grew my collection.

That is until a simple makeup palette called "Naked" by Urban Decay was introduced.  I had never heard of Urban Decay before but everyone, and I mean everyone in the You Tube Makeup World was raving about it. 

I was intrigued!

I rushed to my nearest Ulta Store in hopes of scoring my own but sadly they were out.  So I waited,  and waited, and waited a whole three agonizing months until finally they had some in stock.

As soon as I tore opened the package, while I sat in the parking lot, I knew what all the hype was about . . . It blew MAC out of the water.

Every single color was creamy and soft to the touch, super pigmented and blended like a dream.

I was truly hooked!  There just isn't anything else like it.
Every since that first purchase I rarely stray from using it.

Every year or two since Urban Decay has introduced a new palette.
Here are the three that I have.

The first one "Naked" is your chocolate brown sort of shades.

The second, "Naked 2", is more taupe/grey based brown shades.

The third, "Naked 3", is more pink/rose toned shades.

They all are as fabulous as the next.

You can see in the first one I've hit pan on a few of the colors - which is always a sad day.  But never fear you can buy individual colors too to replace them.  Whew!  Thank goodness right!

Here's another look at the colors - - pretty, pretty right!

By far the first palette is my favorite, but I can see Naked 3 taking over that position very soon.  Personally, Naked 2 was not a fav of mine since I don't care for taupe/grey tones that much,  I think I just haven't found my favorite combo yet - - I keep trying.

I just came across this pin the other day and thought it was perfect to share today also.  Shows you a great color combo for each of the palettes.

naked palette combos

Now can you see why I'm so obsessed with this line of shadows? 

 Urban Decay also has a full line of other products like foundation, mascara, primers, and eyeliners.  Lots of fun stuff.  And their individual shadow colors are more colorful if your into a not so neutral look.  I have a gorgeous teal color called "Hijack" and a amazing plum shade called "Tornado" along with at least ten other colors that I love and three of their smaller colorful palettes - - which could be a whole new post.

So if your in need of a little something different to try out I highly recommend giving one of these palette a try.  You can pick them up at Ulta.com, Sephora.com, or UrbanDecay.com

Before I go,  if your in need a little makeup how-to advice take some time to watch these talented ladies on YouTube.

Makeup By Tiffany D

Samantha Schuerman

Beauty Crush

Makeup By Allie

You'll have fun, I promise!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for hanging in there with me on such a long, unusual post.  Would love to hear what you think. It might be fun to have a makeup post maybe once a month to chat about new products - - what do you think?  Any like minded makeup geeks out-there?

Talk to you soon,


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  1. I just started getting into youtube makeup videos and I am amazed every day! I love to do what others have done on myself and perfect my makeup collection. I have yet to get my hands on my own Naked pallette but my bff has all three and she lets me use hers when I am with her. I Love it!!!

  2. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for sharing - this was educational for me, never heard of Urban Decay! I am unfortunately a drugstore makeup gal. Maybe I should look into these better products one of these days....especially now I'm hitting the mid 40's - yikes!

  3. Oh how I love Urban Decay Naked!! Well worth the $. How sweet of your hubby to get 3 for you. Great post! Jane

  4. I love pink and brown tones...#3 looks right up my alley! I just have to say, Ulta is better than a candy store to me...

  5. I have not heard of this product....can you order it online? I guess I am off to look it up. Thanks for the info!

  6. Fun post, Robin! I love to hear recommendations, I knew it was popular but hadn't tried it yet, but now I'll definitely search it out. Thanks!

  7. Well, being old and "out of it" I have never heard of Urban Decay but my daughter is a MAC fan. This might make a fun gift for her. Do they have a mineral makeup? Never mind- I can go look. Looks like you have been having fun though. Love it when you find something that you so enjoy! xo Diana

  8. I've heard of it and didn't know there was a third on, I love make-up too Robin.
    Love Shelby a real cutie! How is she doing our lab, Buster wasn't long when he went out on those cold, cold days:/

  9. What pretty color palettes these are! Never heard if this brand before...thanks.

  10. I've heard raving reviews about Urban Decay products, so it's good to know that you really liked it. That's good that you can buy individual replacement colors. I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube! I've just discovered primer and now use it all the time. This was a very interesting post, thanks for sharing all those links too. :)

  11. I LOVE Urbay Decay and have Naked 2, which I love. Great post!

  12. Ooooh, have to try this, I always get confused with combining eye shadows, this is perfect! Thanks!

  13. I really enjoy hearing other bloggers opinions about some of the products they use. I've never tried Urban Decay, but the color combos are so pretty.

    Thanks for your sweet comments about my bathroom pullouts (better than pull-ups....lol). I think it's okay to be a bit green with envy, among friends, anyway!

  14. I got my oldest daughter one of these palettes for christmas (I couldn't even tell you which one) and it never occurred to me to treat myself to one. I've never bought myself eyeshadow that wasn't from the grocery store. I'm just not an extravagant person. However...I think you just convinced me and I just put naked 3 on my wish list and I think I will treat myself to it very soon!

  15. I am an Urban Decay fan and I just love hanging out and exploring what's new at Sephora, so yes, I'd love to hear more about all favorites!

  16. Ok Robin, now you've done it. I'm going to have to buy this(you should get a commission). One of my January organizing jobs was cleaning out the old makeup. I dumped my old MAC stuff and was planning on going to Oshawa (we don't have Sephora closer) but the shopping trip got cancelled. So I ended up at Walmart and just bought a couple of eye shadow palettes. What a difference! I've already thrown them out. I'll definitely pick up the Urban Decay palette when I get there in Feb. Thanks J

  17. Can you please tell me the ingredients in this eye makeup? Thanks :)


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