January 28, 2014

Wintertime Hutch

Last week when I showed off the living room's winter decor I completely forgot to include the hutch.

This weekend I hope to start adding a few Valentine items to the hutch so I had better show off a few quick photos before I start changing things out.

I will keep it short and sweet today, my kiddos are home again today with school cancelled for yet another day of frigid weather.  Hopefully, I can get through this post before I'm called away!  LOL.

Like the rest of the living room, I tried to keep the color palette limited to white and black.

I am enjoying the finished look quite a bit.

It's simple and pretty.

Yet a good mixture of textures and shapes to keep it interesting I think.

Favorites like vintage silverware and baby's breath.

And my homemade chicken wire cloche make me smile.

As does the stack of distressed books and the rusty metal cow.

I thought this little pitcher needed a little something extra, so I added a handful of rolled book pages.

And finally, a wire basket filled with my resent score of yarn keeps it handy when I find the time to start a new project. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day,

and stay warm!



  1. Everything looks gorgeous! Love that hutch and all your little goodies you have styled it with!!

  2. It is all perfect for winter...or any time of year...LOVE the rusty cow on the old books...

  3. This looks perfect! I love the rusted cow on top of the books and the yarn in the basket.

  4. Lot's of great little touches, I love the black and white photo of the old house, and your collection of white pitchers. Enjoy your day with your kids.

  5. Ooohhh what delightful little treasures you have displayed Robin.

  6. Your hutch looks amazing! You have the touch for placing things in just the right place. I guess you have the eye for it. It's a great mixture of light and dark and texture. Perfection, girl!!

  7. LOVE your hutch, Robin!! You have some great items on it to give it a beautiful clean and fresh look.
    Mary Alice

  8. Robin it all looks amazing but my attention is captivated by the white bead board star on the top of the shelf.......I LOVE IT! I am definitely showing my hubby that and I will have one soon.... agian...LOVE! You always have such great ideas... Thanks for sharing them with us.. Have agreat day.. Blessings~

  9. Your hutch and all of its wonderful contents are fabulous!!! Don't you just love how the old patinaed metals play off the ironstone? I especially like the cast iron cow (full udder and all) and your home made cloche (I think I need to try this). Have fun with the "kiddo's".

  10. love the hutch....beautifully arranged, lots of treasures....


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